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Rothy’s is for Everyone.

Rothy’s is THE shoe! It has literally been on every single shopping list for every client we’ve seen the last month. If we’ve seen 20 clients it’s been on 20 lists. Okay, in all honesty, 22 lists because Rothy’s is on our own list, too. We’ve recommended them to teachers who stand all day long, to doctors, and lawyers, too. We’ve added them to lists for young moms on the run, and to our retired ladies lists. So when we say they are for everyone, we literally mean for everyone. Even Meghan Markle has traded in her heels for these bad boys. Oh, and they come in kid sizes (sneakers and loafers), so if you have a little one in your life or teeny tiny feet, big score for you. 

This shoe is The Shoe! 

So what in the hoo-ha are Rothy’s?

They’re the shoes you’ve probably seen on a Facebook ad and wondered about – and the good news is they’re worth trying!  Here’s why…

  • THEY ARE COMFORTABLE!!!!!! Seriously, comfortable. Even our clients with the most sensitive of feet are swearing by them.
  • It’s a flat shoe available in 4 comfortable styles with colors and patterns galore. (FYI- The Point in black is our go-to color and style.) 
  • Rothy’s POINT go with both jeans and slacks so they’re a 9-5 shoe, Monday-Sunday.
  • Dress THE POINT up for work. 
  • Try any of the styles with jeans for play. 
  • Made from recycled water bottles so you will feel good about what you’re doing for the environment. 
  • Our favorite part…They are 100% machine washable. IF you suffer from stinky feet syndrome or you just plain old get em’ dirty, toss them in the machine! Yep, you heard us correctly. Wash and go!

Meet Rothy’s.

The Point

This comes in over 20 different colors. Black is our go to, but we’re loving the Marigold, Flame and Big Cat too. This style runs small – WE SUGGEST ORDERING THE POINT IN A HALF SIZE UP.

Pointed Toe Flats

The Flat

The flat which has a more rounded toe box comes in over a dozen colors. We like the Scooter Red color shown here, and Navy Solid.

Rothy's Flats

The Loafer

We think the loafer is adorbs with a boyfriend jean for a day of running around.  We are partial to this camo print.

Rothy's Loafers

The Sneaker

This sneaker is a great travel shoe. Wear it on the airplane with joggers for a finished but comfy look. And then with an ankle jean, once you arrive at your destination.rothy's grey sneaker

Consider this post a PSA

A public service announcement – not the prostate test – lol. Because every client we introduce these Rothy’s shoes to literally writes us a thank you note after for introducing them to a shoe that’s “changed their life”. Yes, a very strong statement but we’d say a true one.

Let us know if you have them or if you’re gonna try them and what you think!

Use this LINK for your Rothy’s order and save $20!!!

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