Airpot Style 101: How to look good and feel comfortable while traveling

Airport Woes

You know that feeling after you’re all done packing for your upcoming trip where you say, “Ok, now what am I supposed to wear to the airport?” And, if you google “Airport Style” to get some ideas, all you see are photos of celebrities like Reese Witherspoon walking thru the airport in 4 inch heels and really tight jeans. Who wants to travel like that?!? Ladies, we feel you!

Airport Style 101

We actually spend quite a bit of time helping our clients figure out those same airport woes. We’ve even heard things like who cares, to hell with it, I’m just gonna wear my Lulu’s to the airport so I’m comfy and cozy on my flight. That’s all fine and dandy, (remember no judgement here) but you can step it up a notch to look effortlessly cool, and still be comfy and cozy for that next trip. Who doesn’t want to look completely airport chic so when those people watchers are sitting there watching, they wonder… how’d she do that? Mastering airport style is just about rules, gals, rules… And we’re sharing ours today.

The Rules


SOCKS!! Wear socks and a closed toe shoe. (Or at least have socks handy to throw on real quick) Gross us out with a spoon…Those people who walk through security wearing flip flops who must remove them before walking through the metal detector. (A little judgment here.) Think about all those feet that have touched that ground before your little piggies. Even if you’re TSA pre-approved, wear a closed toe shoe with socks. You never know what might ding or dong that you’ll have to remove.

Scroll and click for our favorite travel friendly shoes:


And, don’t forget the socks! Hallie swears these smart wool no-shows stay in place all day long!



Limit your accessories. Most accessories made of metal will make the metal detector buzz. You’ll have to remove them, and how annoying is that to have to go back through? Hey, and forget that beautiful Hermes belt you wear planning on wearing. Leave it in your carry on, with your other accessories because it will buzz.  Instead, use a silk scarf to wrap around your waist of your boyfriend jeans to keep them up. And wear a soft cozy scarf as your necklace. It can double duty on the airplane as a pillow, or blanket. There won’t be any dings or dongs with these little tricks.

Scroll and click for Silk Scarves and Cozy Scarves:


Layer for the weather. So, you’re going from the CLE to the FLA in February. It’s freezing cold up north, and deliciously warm down south. Layers will be your friend. A soft sweatshirt blazer, a buttery leather jacket, jean jacket, and scarf, will all be your friends up north. Once you’ve landed at your destination you can strip em’ and shove them in your carry on, or vice versa for your return home. And all of these items can be worn again in some other way while you’re on your trip. Which brings us to rule number 4.

Scroll and click for jackets and blazers:


Pieces with purpose. Whatever pieces you decide to wear to the airport should have a dual purpose for what’s also in your suitcase. It’ll help free up some space in your luggage and keep the poundage down. Think of it as more space for your purchases while you’re away. Who can argue with that?? So, use the leather jacket you’ve worn on the plane to keep you warm while you’re dining al fresco on Atlantic Ave. in Delray. Use your blanket scarf as a wrap to keep you warm while shopping at Town Center Mall or Aventura. Those places are always freezing. And, use your leather leggings as a nighttime outfit by pairing them with heels and a blouse. See ladies, we’ve got you covered… Hallie even got all dressed up to demonstrate…

Same Pants – Different Top and Shoes

Daytime/Travel Outfit:



Totally obsessed with this blazer and, waiting with bated breath for it to be in stock (the one in the photo is a sample). It’s designed by CLE local Grace and Ricci and it fits like a dream, is sort of stretchy but substantial AND, is machine washable. Yep, MAJOR love!!!

Jacket /Hoodie/Pants /Sneakers/Glasses

Evening/Going out Outfit:





Sweater / Blouse  (similar) /Pants  / Shoes  / Bag

Girls, unless the thought of wearing something that you’ve worn on the plane again gives you the heebie jeebies, these little tricks of the trade will make you a traveling pro and looking airport chic in no time flat. So, now you have the airport style rules, where are you going to go? We want to know!!

Happy President’s Traveling Weekend. May all your airport woes be cured!!

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