My Honest Thoughts on Beautycounter - And other safe beauty products I'm trying

My Honest Thoughts On Beautycounter

Besides feeling like a total dork taking these before and after selfies – I have to tell you, I’ve been pretty impressed with the Beautycounter Make up – Flawless in Five.

Beautycounter’s a brand that has been getting a ton of hoopla, because they have a great mission, one that’s a no brainer to align with – To get safer (beauty and skin) products into the hands of everyone. Who wouldn’t want that??.

But, and I had a big BUT, what if it didn’t perform well? An altruistic mission is great, but when it comes to a product, performance is pretty important too. What if  this make up was like the all natural under arm deodorant that left me kind of stinky? Good in theory, but not in reality. Then sadly, it’s a no go.

A Movement for Better Beauty

This summer I was invited to a Beautycounter event at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens but, walked out before the presentation even started ( I know, not nice of me).  I left because it felt too “salesy”. While there is an e commerce component, the brand is typically sold by independent consultants and these ladies are zealous about their mission.

Luckily, Linda O’Leary, who I’ve never met IRL (we’re social media buddies) was kindly persistent. She was passionate about the brand and knowledgeable about the product. And she was so confidant I’d love the Beautycounter, she offered to send me the Flawless in Five kit to try. In return, I agreed to 2 weeks of use and an honest review.  Linda is offering my readers a free gift – make sure to use her link if you’d like to order.

If you follow my Instagram Story, you may have seen me try to use the set on my first day. And guess what? I did it all wrong! Linda had sent me this video to watch – but much like I put together my kids toys when they were little, I like to try myself first, and follow directions later. Lesson learned. The video was super helpful, I definitely should have watched it first, duh!

Flawless in Five

My Honest Thoughts on Beautycounter - And other safe beauty products I'm trying

Originally I thought flawless in five meant with five products. But, lol, there are 6 pieces in the set, oops! Then I realized it meant in 5 minutes!! That’s pretty fast! Made up and out the door in 5 minutes? I’m in!
The Set includes:
-Tint skin hydrating foundation
-Touch-up concealer pen
-Color define brow pencil
-Two new formula mascaras, lengthening or volume 
– Powder blush duo
– Lip gloss
I’ve been using the set for 2 weeks and I plan to continue. That is HUGE! I have a whole zip-lock bag under my sink of samples that I never use, because most new products make me break out with either a rash or zits – neither of which look good. With Beautycounter I was able to switch to new products without a red bump in sight! I really like both the foundation and the concealer (and would probably like the brow pencil too if I had not had my brows microbladed) and I’ll definitely continue with the foundation and concealer when I run out. I cover all of my thoughts, product by product, in the video below…

5 Minute Makeup is Possible!

Even with all my chatting it only took me 4 min 47 sec to get made up! Woot woot!

Be sure to order here because Linda’s giving all of my readers a free gift with their first order!

Maple Holistics

My Honest Thoughts on Beautycounter - And other safe beauty products I'm trying

I’ve also been trying out Maple Holistics Silk 18 hair conditioner. The conditioner smells terrific – all maple syrupy and yummy! It’s not quite rich enough for my super thick, slightly coarse hair (I should have tried the Winter Blend Conditioner)  but, Maple Holistics has a a hassle-free 100% money-back guarantee. If, for any reason at all, you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact them and you can choose to receive a full refund or try a different product which may work better for you.

On top of that, all the products used are:

  • Made In The USA
  • All Natural
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulfate Free
  • Safe for Color

They have a free sample program too (click here for details) so you can try before you buy… I might order the natural dandruff shampoo (for an unnamed sufferer in my house). It has great reviews and has got to be better than all the chemicals found in Head and Shoulders.

EO® French Lavender Body Oil

I LOVE this stuff and buy bottles by the dozen! It’s been a go-to for years after the shower and even in my hair – it’s moisturizing but not too heavy and soaks right in to the skin. And the smell is subtle and not overbearing. Whole Foods carries it in the Cleveland area if you don’t want to wait for delivery.

My Honest Thoughts on Beautycounter - And other safe beauty products I'm trying


Have you been toying with the idea of switching to safer, healthier beauty products too? Did you find these reviews helpful?  Let me know… AND if you have any favorite natural beauty products of your own, please share!







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