Inhabit-Our Favorite Sweater Brand.

Sweater season is here! And to celebrate, we’re sharing our favorite pieces from our favorite sweater brand PLUS a 40% off savings just for TWC readers with code HALLIESPICKS! We’re in love with Inhabit sweaters. Seriously you guys, they are good! Not just good, SO GOOD! They’re a fave of celebs like Alessandra Ambrosio, Katie Holmes, Emma Watson, and Jessica Alba to name a few…And, Hallie’s had an Inhabit sweater for years and years and it’s withstood the test of time both in wear, and style, and in the compliments department, too.

So when the awesome ladies at Inhabit reached out to collaborate with us, we yelled “YES” from the rooftops.  This collab was a total no-brainer because we were already loyal fans of the brand. And you know we only share stuff here that we fully believe in, because we’re so NOT salespeople – we’re matchmakers between real people and fabulous finds!!

Inhabit sweaters are luxe, and delicious, (yes delicious as only a sweater can be), and can be worn in multiple ways over the long, long winter. (IF you live in the CLE you know what we’re talking about.) And since there are so many cold winter days (are we sounding glum yet?) we wanted to share sweaters that are cozy, warm and can be worn over and over again different ways for both work and weekends.

Inhabit = Effortless Style.

Not only are these sweaters beyond toasty,  but they have an effortless style that never goes out of style. (Just like the one Hallie’s had for years and years.) They’re classic with extra little details that make them so special. Inhabit adds inverted seams, pin dot holes, interesting sleeve, shoulder, and neck details that give the extra oomph we love so much when putting outfits together for clients and ourselves.

Each sweater is totally cool and effortless on its own, and can easily be worn as a basic with pieces you already own too. When you invest in a sweater like this, you want it to function for all parts of your life, work and play, girls night out and kids soccer games. It’s that cost per wear thing we’ve spoken about in the past. It becomes worth it when you can reach for the same piece again and again and wear it in multiple ways.

We totally get that, so we’re going to show you HOW TO STYLE THE SAME SWEATER 2 WAYS. 

Our 6 Favorite Inhabit Sweaters 

And How to Wear them for On Duty (Work) AND Off Duty (Fun).

1. The 2 in 1 Coatigan 

Our favorite coatigan is cozy and comfy like a warm blanket on a cold day. But stylish and chic so you can wear it out of the house. And it’s reversible too!

Hallie styled The Double Cash Coat for play. 

T-shirt wearing size M // jeans wearing size 26 // shoes run big order 1/2 size down // belt wearing size M // sweater size M but could easily wear S, Use code HALLIESPICKS for 40% off

STYLE TIP. Belt the coatigan on the outside for a completely different look.

Elana styled The Double Cash Coat for work with a pair of black slacks.

Elana’s pants wearing size 10, run small order one size up// top wearing size M/ shoes wearing size 38 ,run TTS // bag // belt wearing size 90 // sweater size M but could easily wear S, Use code HALLIESPICKS for 40% off

This coatigan is completely reversible. Hallie is wearing it with the charcoal facing out and Elana with it facing in. The cool rolled sleeve detail from the charcoal side gets to show through and matches the shawl collar.

2. The Grandpa cardigan 

Hallie styled the Alpaca Cardi Jacket for work and Elana for play. But depending on what your office dress code is, you could wear Elana’s outfit for work too.

Hallie’s pants wearing size 4// top wearing size S // shoes run TTS (wearing size 37) // glasses// sweater wearing size M, Use code HALLIESPICKS for 40% off

Elana’s jeans wearing size 28, runs one size big // T-shirt wearing  size M // shoes run TTS  (wearing size 38) // similar scarf// sweater wearing size M, Use code HALLIESPICKS for 40% off

3. Novelty sweater 

A novelty sweater like this Wool Blend Luxe Roll Neck is always a fun thing to have in your closet. This one looks great with jeans and is equally fab for work with a fun pant and pumps. Same sweater, same bag, just different pants and shoes and the whole vibe changes.

Hallie’s jeans run TTS wearing size 27 //  shoes run TTS  size 37// bag // sweater wearing size M, Use code HALLIESPICKS for 40% off

Elana’s pant run TTS wearing size M // shoe runs TTS wearing 7.5// bag // sweater wearing size M, Use code HALLIESPICKS for 40% off

4. A one and done 

Hallie styled the Step Neck Turtle sweater for a fun fall day. Throw it on and you’re done – the color and tweed-like texture are all you need to look finished.

Jeans wearing size 26// shoes run TTS wearing size 37// backpack // sweater wearing size M, Use code HALLIESPICKS for 40% off

For something a little more serious, Elana styled the same sweater with a pair of slacks and bold shoe.

Elana’s pant wearing size M, could have used S  // similar shoe // bag //  sweater wearing size M, Use code HALLIESPICKS for 40% off

STYLE TIP. If you’re wearing a skinny bottom like Hallie above leave this sweater out to balance the bottoms, but if you’re going to wear a wider leg bottom like Elana, tuck your sweater in. We’re seeing sweater tucking all over the place, and it’s cool.

5. Cashmere T-shirt 

A light cashmere long sleeve sweater like the Everyday V Neck is a sophisticated version of the classic white T-shirt. Dress it up with cropped corduroys like Hallie’s, or down with sweatpants like Elana.  This one is so unbelievably comfortable that we will be living in it. We both sized up in this cozy piece. We recommend ordering one size bigger than you usually would. The sweater is better with a little slouch.

Elana’s sweats run TTS wearing size M// scarf// shoes run TTS wearing size 38 // sweater wearing size M, Use code HALLIESPICKS for 40% off

Hallie’s pants wearing size 4  and come in petite and tall too// necklace // shoes order 1/2 size down// glasses these are progressive lenses// similar bag// sweater wearing size L, Use code HALLIESPICKS for 40% off


STYLE TIP  Instead of tucking in the cashmere T-shirt give it a knot at the waist to fake an hourglass shape.

6. Fitted turtleneck sweater 

A fitted turtleneck sweater is the perfect layering piece. This Essential Cotton Turtle has unlimited outfit potential.  A lot of our clients (and Elana) have major turtleneck issues. However, this one is not itchy at all, and doesn’t confine the neck into a choke hold. It’s hands down perfect and comes in three colors, too. We’re partial to this gray color.

Elana’s jeans wearing size 28, order one size down // wrap // belt wearing size 90  // shoes TTS // bag //sweater wearing size M, Use code HALLIESPICKS for 40% off

Hallie’s pant  runs small wearing size 6 // shoes run TTS wearing size 7 // necklace // bag// sweater wearing size M, but could wear S, Use code HALLIESPICKS for 40% off

Just for you…Save 40% off our Inhabit picks: use code HALLIESPICKS

Inhabit is offering a discount to YOU on these 6 sweaters styles, 40% off just for TWC readers!! Enter code: HALLIESPICKS at check out and SAVE BIG. There’s just something about these sweaters that are universally flattering no matter the height, bust size, waist size, shoulder size, you name it. These sweaters are worth every penny, and at 40% off you can’t go wrong adding them into your winter repertoire. 

And, in case you were wondering, ALL of these sweaters should be folded and not hung – here’s our tutorial to know when to hang and when to fold AND how to fold them properly.


Oh yeah, and we’re having a contest with Inhabit too!! … We’re going to give away a Wool Blend Luxe Roll Neck to one lucky follower on Instagram. Be sure to follow The Wardrobe Consultant on Instagram for details. Have fun, and good luck! 




Photo: Molly Nook

Location: Thank you to Centric in the University Circle area of Cleveland, Ohio for allowing us to take our photos in their super cool apartment building. Just sayin’ if we were young and moving to #CLE this is where we’d want to live!

Inhabit Collaboration: We received these sweaters from Inhabit. But, as always, all thoughts, opinions, and reviews are independent of the gift and completely our own. The 40% off discount code is a way to thank you for supporting the brands that support The Wardrobe Consultant.

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