I CAN’T believe it’s mid November, like almost Thanksgiving November, like Black Friday then Christmas and Hanukkah then New Years, like life is happening at warp speed, ummmm, HELLO HOLIDAYS! When I think holidays I think heels, and then I think UGHHHHH! I don’t know about you, but standing in heels for hours hurts my tootsies, or at least it did until I found this secret weapon, and I’m obsessed! Bring on the holiday parties people, my feet are ready!

So, this months obsessions have a little bit of everything – things to give, things to get, things to do, things to wear, things to use – basically, the items on this list help make me feel prepared to take on the craziness that I know will be for the next 6 weeks. And, I hope these obsessions can give you a wee bit of sanity, as we all enter into the hoopla of this season.

My Current Obsessions – November Edition

Personally, the cold sets me into hibernation mode, so I’ve been stocking up on cozy but stylish lounge wear… You might have seen my insta #OOTD with these yummy pj pants that I wore out of the house (and will again!) There’s also this cozy poncho type sweater I’ve been cuddling up with AND it looks good enough to leave the confines of my house and not embarrass my kids (or myself). Btw, 40% off sitewide with code YAY thru 11:59pm on November 21.





This is the secret weapon I was singing the praises of… My neighbor Jill, of Jill’s Girlie Goods told me about these insoles and I was like, yea, right… But, I tried them, and you know what? They actually work! I mean a heel is still a heel, BUT somehow they move the weight away from the ball of your foot and lo and behold, heels are wearable longer – hallelujah! I’d say these are obsession worthy and definitely worth a shot if you have any cocktail parties in your future.





This umbrella (or upside down umbrella) is literally a LIFE CHANGING invention, especially for us gals who like a good blow-dry and try to milk them for as many days as possible. Thank you to my client who happened to have this delivered when I was at her house doing a wardrobe consult. I got to see it in action and, you guessed it, became obsessed!  You know how when you get in a car and put the umbrella down, basically a bunch of water (or snow) dumps on your head and defeats the whole purpose of using an umbrella in the first place?!? WELL, NOT ANYMORE! (Yes, I know, I sound like an infomercial) I’m not really sure how to describe it but, this umbrella folds into itself so the water it was keeping away from you, stays trapped inside and you actually stay dry… And, it comes in a bunch of pretty designs and patterns too. Serious. Game. Changer.





You know I’ve been singing the praises of a cropped, kick flair pant for some time AND even blogged about how us, vertically challenged ladies can wear them too (here).  And then I took a client to the A List Pop Up Shop and found THE BEST PAIR EVER!! They’re by Avenue Montaigne – they slip on, hug the body beautifully and just look so darnnnnn good. Perfect to wear to those “business casual” parties you have on your calendar.  Feel free to contact Hallie from The A List (not me Hallie, Hallie Wasserman. Yes, I know, it’s confusing). See if she can order them in your size. If not, the link has a few sizes left but not a vast selection.





Are you Hamilton obsessed? Well if you or someone you love (for me, it’s my daughter, she is certifiable) is a Hamilfan, then you’ve GOT TO GET them, The Hamilton MixTape when it releases December 3, 2016 (it’s available for pre-order NOW). Songs are dropping daily like “Wait for it” covered by Usher “Satisfied” covered by Sia and It’s Quiet Uptown covered by Kelly Clarkson — the songs are sooooo good, seriously, one is better than the next.. But, you’ll have to wait for it to hear the whole album (ha-ha, get what I did there?!?)







My friend at the gym, who then became my client, told me about this massager – it’s THE BOMB!! and if you’re a prime member, under $50! Holiday back and neck woes BE GONE! And it heats up too – ahhhhhhhh!







I’m really liking the look of a cream blush these days – it gives that kind of dewy but not greasy glow.  This is NOT greasy – My skin is kind of oily, like it literally EATS my make up off by lunchtime and this stuff seems to stay – gotta love that! I use Fresh Melon for a natural day, rosy cheek and Uber Beige for a more bronzed look. This limited edition cool dusk eye pallette looks great with either blush and is build-able so it’s like an all in one makeup kit – personally it’s the only eye makeup I take now when I travel.






If I got this wrap watch a holiday gift, I’d be jumping with joy! It has an effortlessly cool vibe and the need to wear other bracelets is limited (although, I do like piling on a few for a real arm party!) This one is a total classic (so much so, that Apple even partnered with them for an Apple Watch version). One of our readers asked for an arm candy (watches and bracelets) guide – so stay tuned for a post dedicated to that in the next few weeks…






I’m kinda into braids these days – not the Little House on the Prairie kind, but the kind that take your whole look up a notch kind. I’m thinking this braid/pony combo is perfect for a party, New Years maybe??? While this tutorial makes it “easy” if you’re somewhat talented in the hair “do” department, you might be able to do it yourself.  I, however, am NOT and will have to take the photo to my gal BeautyByBam to help make this obsession a reality.





My scent of choice is Le Labo, Santal 33, it was an obsession post about a year ago (here). And, I have to say, not a day goes by that someone doesn’t stop to tell me how good I smell and ask where to get it, because it’s that good. And now, the good smells continue, but for the home, with Santal 26. While the candle is amazing and makes a great gift, they’ve recently released a home diffuser too. Your home will smell so good this holiday, no one will want to leave…





Red Bubble is an online creative community and marketplace – it features beautifully designed products (t-shirts, wall art, stickers, phone cases, home decor) by artists from around the globe. Personally, I think they have THE BEST sticker options. And for hard to gift teens, these stickers make GREAT stocking stuffers. All 3 of my teens (and their friends) decorate their laptops this way (it’s a far cry from the sticker album I had as a kid) but I’ve also seen them adorning snowboards, skateboards, notebooks and folders. There are so many choices you could spend half a day browsing the site.



Girls Just Wanna Have Fun(damental Human Rights) by zarayow-current-obsessioncurrent-obsession-laptop-stickers





This last one is a crowd favorite and on the list for everyone in my household! Don’t you hate it when your phone battery dies? And sooooo quickly? Well, this battery case is like the good old mophie case but better! First, it’s slimmer and lighter then the mophie AND it uses the same charging plug as the I Phone (that always annoyed me with the mophie). So longer battery life, same plug – it’s a win/win!





Well, happy Turkey Day you guys! And THANK YOU for your continued support, reading my rambles and sharing with friends, family, co-workers and neighbors – I am truly filled with gratitude. Wishing you all a warm and wonderful holiday.

Happy Obsessing and Happy Holidays!

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