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We know lotsa’ closet tricks.

We know lotsa’ closet, tricks, tips, and secrets. Tricks that aren’t expensive to keep your closet and the clothes in them in tip top shape. We’re not talking about a full closet make-over. We’re talking about things you can just simply pick up on your next Target run.  Stuff  to add to your shopping list that will keep your clothes and closet clean, organized,  and OCD approved. These secrets are good ladies, so listen up!

Our hacks are real life, real client tried and true! We’re super fortunate to have the awesomest (we’re wordsmithing) clients in the world. Smart, funny, successful, kind ladies that dig the secrets from the closet thing.  And guess what? We’ve decided to share a few with you, too. This is just a small taste of what we’ve got up our sleeves. We’ve got more…plenty more. But today, here’s the top 10 secrets from our closets to yours, and all available at TARGET! Don’t-cha just love Circle Boutique??


Our Top 10 Secrets

  1. White Ivory Soap. Why you ask? Got a spot on your pretty white top, or favorite white t-shirt? Use the white Ivory Soap to remove the spot. It won’t leave a yellowish mark like the other name brand stain removers.


  1. Ugh! Ya know when you put that black top on and you get the deodorant streaks all over the front? Double duty your Spanx by rubbing them gently over the deodorant steaks. Voila! Streaks are gone.


  1. Hallie taught me this one long ago and it WORKS!! Ready for spring cleaning? Not sure what to give away? Start by hanging everything backwards in your entire closet. After you’ve worn an item, put it back with the hanger facing in the right direction. You’ll know exactly what hasn’t been worn at the end of the season. It makes it fast and snappy to figure out what to toss in the give away pile.


  1. Who doesn’t love that Magic Eraser! It’s not only the best for those pesky little finger prints on the walls, it’s also a dream in keeping white sneaks in tip top shape. Who knew??


  1. Over and over again we’re asked how we keep the darks dark. Woolite-dark, ladies, and fade no more! Oh and hey, by the way… Don’t put the darks thru the dryer all the way. Just a few minutes is all you need, then hang them to dry. The drier will fade your clothing, too.


  1. At Target for a quick run thru. No time to try those much desired jeans on?  Not sure if they’ll fit in the waist.  Wrap the waist around your neck. If they make it all the way around…they’ll fit.  Hallie and I recently had a denim try on day. We both fell in love with these bad boys. Two different waist sizes, and the trick worked for each of us!! Good-bye muffin top!!


  1. We call it Fraxel for sweaters. You know when your sweaters get those little balls and look “old”. Well, just like Fraxel makes your face look refreshed, so does this sweater rejuvenation.  You can D.I.Y. it with this shaver  or we have a lady that can do it for you.  She’ll literally give your old sweaters new life. E-mail Elana for details


And, in the meantime, try some of our fav Target sweaters on for size… Scroll thru and click on the image for purchasing details.


8.  Hallie’s favorite trick…sleeves won’t stayed zhushed (scrunched) up. Rubber band em, and pull the excess fabric over the band. Now you’re sleeves will stay put and that favorite spot so that you can sport that awesome arm party.


  1. Don’t have space to store your shoes. Stack em’ in shoe boxes. Even if you DO have the space, and you can’t stand the dust sitting in them, these boxes make your shoes easy to see and easy to keep clean.


10. Want to know how to get anything off of anything? Or how to get rid of that winter static cling…Cleanipedia  is our thing.



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Whatcha’ got up your sleeve…Don’t hold out. We’ve shared some of ours, now go on, share some of yours…


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  1. Amy Stover Reply

    Great Blog! Loved reading everything and all your closet tricks! Can’t wait to try the neck trick with jeans. THANK YOU! 🙂

    • Hallie Abrams Reply

      Thanks Amy! Swear, it REALLY works! Posted a pic on insta of it… Thanks for reading:)

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