Sandro is a french retailer that has been stateside for a while – but with no outposts in the CLE yet.  Thanks to the internet, Sandro’s laid-back yet polished style can come to you, no matter where you reside… AND alot of these goodies are on SALE too – YAY!!!!

I just spent some time in Sandro’s Palm Beach store – it was fun for me and it’s good for you… I saw these items in person, tried them on AND may, or may not, have brought some home with me (he-he). You’ll have to check me out on Instagram to see if you can spot any of em…

Just as another reminder, because I received a few emails from readers wondering how to purchase the items pictured – If you click on the photo or the PINK LINK, it will take you directly to the item on the retailers website – easy-peasy! Any problems, just let me know – I’m happy to help:)


So here are the pieces currently in my shopping cart (or closet!!)


This top you guys! The sleeves and the color, I mean really, it’s A+!


An easy white t-shirt but with a special touch – I especially love the tie front detail.


Another stunning top! For work under a jacket and for cocktails on it’s own…




A great flat sandal that really flatters the ankles and the color is a perfect neutral.


And, the same sandal but with a chunky block heel – I tried both and they were totally comfortable – so it’s decisions, decisions….



This boot – wow! If you already have a black chelsea, add this one to your wardrobe –  it’ll be your fave boot this season.



I’m officially obsessed with these shoes! They’ve got that whole granny shoe thing going on – remember that post??



No photo of this dress on a model but it’s a winner on – I promise:)


There’s something so showstopping yet refined about this set (I’d style it with a nude or cognac shoe instead of black – it helps lengthen the legs when wearing a midi skirt). But still, major love!


A little dress that’s kinda demure but oh – so chic!




My sister in law has this cool rock-n-roll edge and is OBSESSED with fringe – this jacket has her name written all over it!


A Chanel-esque topper with whimsical patches, so ya don’t feel like you’re wearing your grandmother’s jacket.



This leather bomber is EVERYTHING!




These trousers totally make a statement, in a subtle way! I love how they combine a techno fabric and satin for a texture mix.



While these slacks kind of take me back to the 90’s they’re so very 2016 too! And, FYI, as baggy, pleated pants go – these don’t give that droopy, big butt look (pssst, it’s the wide waist band that helps!!)



And, I mean, who doesn’t love a good jumpsuit?



There are SOOOO many goodies – I could just keep going, but I NEED SLEEP people!

So, Happy Sandro shopping friends – The store has got me feeling very Parisian, so Bonne Nuit!


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