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We’ve all bought things that look fabulous on the hanger.  We’ve also bought things that look amazing in the store mirror, and pieces the sales people talked us into. Then you get them home. They sit, and they sit, because frankly they just don’t look good on us. And, then they’re taking up prime real estate in your closet, but never make it out the door. We hate that…When we work with clients these are the first pieces that we address, because you know what? They can earn you some cold hard cash. And that helps pay for our services – see, it’s a win/win.

Raise your hand if you have pieces like these sitting in your closet now… the shoes that look fabulous but feel like daggers, the dresses and tops with tags on them, the pieces that you wore pre-baby before your boobs either grew or shrunk two sizes.  What to do with them all? Enter, Cleveland Consignment.

It’s so easy, so why wouldn’t you?

This is how it works. Clean out your closet, drop off your stuff, and forget about it until you get that check in the mail.  You get money for the things you aren’t wearing. How can that be bad?  It makes it easier to justify buying new stuff (at least that’s what we tell ourselves). So clean out the SH*T you aren’t wearing and take it there. Let someone else enjoy it because what’s old to me, is new to someone else, and vise versa.

Don’t think this place is JUST for giving, it is full of treasures too!  Lovely, timeless pieces that you can make uniquely yours. Because, they are not items new and in stores, you won’t see yourself coming and going.

Check out these treasures Hallie found on her last visit:

How to consign with Cleveland Consignment.

Cleveland Consignment is on Chagrin Blvd. in Woodmere. We bet you drive up and down that street 25 times a day. So literally, you have no excuse not to take your stuff there. When we work with our clients to do a closet purge we help sift through the stuff we know they’ll take. We help weed through the things that have labels, and things that sell best. But, for a list of specifics check out their website. They know the stuff that will sell, so it’s a win win.

What sells best?

You’re in luck, because we can tell you for sure that the things that sell the best are dresses, jackets, shoes, bags and scarves. These categories sell well, so it’s a relatively risk free investment if you want to buy them new now, you know you can sell them later. And, as a super adorable millennial told us this weekend, consignment shopping is environmentally friendly too, you know, reuse, reduce, recycle…

Pieces to buy now, and sell later without guilt.


A bright color sheath is current, yet classic enough to sell in a few years.


This dress is perfect for transitional weather and everything in between.

More dresses:



A classically cool blazer to top off any outfit.


A blazer with interest adds the fun factor to any column of color outfit.

More Jackets:



A red hot pump for fall.

You know you’ve been eyeballing these over the knee boots. Now’s the time without guilt.

More shoes/boots:




You can never go wrong with this bag. It’s one of our favorites, and has been for years. And, it fits the iPhone 7 plus.


This convertible backpack can be worn multiple ways. That makes this bag a win, win.

More Bags:




A skinny scarf like this can be tied multiple ways. Neck, wrist, bag. So, go ahead…tie one on.

A season less lady like scarf. Tie this one on too.

More Scarves:


Well, don’t waste any more time. Go clean out your closets and consign your SH*T at Cleveland Consignment. You won’t be sorry when you get that big check in the mail. Really people, how else do yo think we fuel our shopping habits??

BTW, Cleveland Consignment Shoppe is celebrating 5 years this weekend – Stop by  September 21-23 for extra savings, special giveaways and mini makeovers. And, let us know if you find any treasures – you will, we promise! xx





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Photography: Molly Nook


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