Target, Take Me Away…

When in doubt, do a Target run, right? I remember when my kiddos were little, it would be my escape. Like my version of a Calgon bath. Remember those commercials that aired during Love Boat? That was me, walking the aisles of Target alone! And being able to get clothes and food and pharmacy and lightbulbs, and home decor, and dog food all in one place. It was indulgent, relaxing and productive all at the same time.

Now when I have Zoom fatigue, and it’s too cold out to take a walk, I’ll roam the virtual aisles of Target. And you know what I’ve recently found? Fabulous Zoom ready tops for under $40! Yup!!

I’ve had a few clients looking at add a few fun pieces to their Zoom outfit rotations (and at the same time not spend too much). And my virtual Target run hit the mark.  I’m sharing a pretty well curated list of the best pieces to get from Target right now. And they’re all $40 or under (and are $20 or $25!) Ya gotta love that!

Zoom Outfit Fatigue

Zoom outfit fatigue is a real thing. People are “seeing” co-workers and clients more often and the pressure (real or imagined) to have more Zoom outfit variety is there. And the traditional strategy of changing up an outfit by adding a fun shoe or belt, doesn’t apply to video calls.

You’ll notice many of these items I picked are tops. And that’s for a specific reason. When you’re zooming, you’re only seeing the top half of the bod. It’s all about the tops (and jewelry) all of the time.

And combine that with the fact that wearing a traditional blazer (that also can help mix things up) can feel too stuffy when you’re zooming from your bedroom, or kitchen. So we’re left with tops, tops, tops.

As I talked about in my zoom guide from almost a year ago (oh gosh , is this ever going to end?!?) Color is your BFF when on a Zoom call. They give your complexion some oomph and they make people happy – btw, we need both right now!

All of these a are UNDER $40! And FABULOUS!

Another Zoom Outfit Tip

Another way to add variety to your Zoom outfits without a large investment is to use a clothing rental program. These programs allow you to have 3-8 pieces sent to you door each month for your use. Then when you’re ready for something new you send the worn stuff back and get a new rental shipment. It’s really easy and a fun way to change things up, trying new styles, brands and colors without a lot of commitment or investment.

I did a full review of 8 popular programs HERE. Some were great, however, most were meh. If you don’t want to read the full post I’ll cut to the chase…My favorites, especially if you’re looking to mix up your Zoom outfits are Rent the Runway, Nuuly, and Armoire. All of those links (when you click the PINK words), will save you $$ off of your rental program.

Just so you know, I  also help clients decide what to rent from these programs and coordinate Zoom friendly outfits from what they already own. It’s all housed in their own private virtual closet. If you’re interested in these or any of my services, let’s set up a free 20 min call to chat and see how I can help style you up. Use this link to set up a time.

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