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The Spring Trends. Take 3. The Last 3.

Let the Spring Trend List take 3. Last one, best one. We’re talking mules. Not the stubborn donkey kind, but the kind you wear on your feet. And, not the 1970’s or 90’s versions either. The 2017 updated version. Next, we’ve got embroidery. Pretty patterns all woven into your denim, tops, and toppers. And finally, our favorite trend of the season…the wide leg bottom. You’ll be seein’ us sport these bad boys all spring and summer long. And truthfully straight into the fall, too. Yep ladies, they’re that good!

And, if you’re reading us for the first time and missed Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, you can get em right here. ( 1 & 2 ) So, without further ado, because we’re so excited to share today, let’s get to it.

Mules 2.017

Mules, like we said before, the 2017 update versions are awesome. They are easy to put on, and easy to take off. There’s no bending over to lace up, zip up, or buckle up your shoes. I mean, what could be better on a lazy Spring day? One little tip though,… Depending on the hemline of your bottom depends on the best style of the mule. Maybe “stubborn” mule is the right word here. Sometimes a mule with a straight across, high vamp can fight with the hemline of your bottom. And for the vertically challenged gals it can create too many horizontal lines making you appear more vertically challenged than you might actually be. So, bottom line is, look for a mule that offers a criss cross or that sits lower in the vamp. Check out Hallie’s tootsies above, and our picks below.









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Embroidery. What more can we say? We talked about it at the end of Summer 2016 after we both had the fabulous fortune of seeing Cold Play. Remember? If not, (Read HERE)  Anywhoo…embroidery is a great way of adding interest, and texture to almost any piece of clothing imaginable. Once sorta known for the boho type, it’s now moved into other styles. So rock on rocker girls. There’s an awesome black vegan leather embroidered jacket for you today. And for you romantics, check out Hallie’s super feminine embroidered silk top. Don’t you want it?









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Wide Legs, Make Legs for Days.

We’re sure that the wide leg bottom is our favorite trend of the moment. And truth be told it’s sorta become a classic done the right way. Done the right way means loose in the thigh and shoots wide out from there. It looks just like the letter “A”. See the top of the A, that’s your waist. And the bottom of the A is your feet. So this shape makes your waist look skinny mini, and your legs look like they go on for days. Who doesn’t want that?? Even if it’s a cropped wide leg, it works incredibly when done with the right shoe. Bottom line, the wide leg pant has been added to every single one of our clients list no matter what shape, size, height, or age. Hallie keeps getting stopped all over town about hers, in the pic above.











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What Hallie’s Wearing… C’mon, you know we’ll always share…

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Jacket/ Blouse/ Jeans/ Shoes/ BagSunglasses

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That’s all there is, there ain’t no more. But that was a lot, right? You were bound to find something over the last three weeks.

Tell us, was the list helpful? What did you toss in your shopping bag? What are we goin’ to be seein’ you in??

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