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This Spring Trend List is about what is TRENDING in the fashion world, not necessarily about being TRENDY per se. If you do the trends the right way, and you can make them classic, edgy, artsy, boho, romantic, you name it. At the end of the day, it’s gotta fit your personal style. No matter what floats your boat, we have what you’re looking for today in Part 2 of the Spring Trend List.

Catch the Trend on the Upswing

Hallie is a sucker for the classic, with a bit of sophistication, and a dash of edge. And Elana likes a little more trendiness in her wardrobe. And together, we have lots of clients that fit all the various style archtypes. The ultimate goal is to catch the trend, no matter what your trend threshold is, on the upswing, and not on the way down. If you catch it on the way down you’re a little late, and now we’re talking about cost per wear. Is it worth it, ya know?

We’re going down the list – the next 4 trends…

Did you see last week with Part 1 of the list? We found so many awesome pieces that we had to break this post up into 3 parts. This week you get Part 2!


So, we’re telling you about these trends NOW, so you can catch em at the beginning. It’ll be worth it...Cropped denim with a staggered hemline, belly button grazing necklaces, the color pink/ blush, and long blazers. All of these pieces are on the Spring Trend List and we’ve got em’ all here today. We’ve got em’ trendy, trendy, to sophisticated trendy, to plain ole’ updated stay true to your style trendy.

Gold Bar

Anything Pink (or More Accurately Blush)

Blush is the new black. It’s everywhere, and it’s like 50 shades of pink. So, no matter what your skin tone, there’s a shade for everybody. It’s awesome too, because you can throw it on as a neutral. It looks good with almost every color of the wardrobe rainbow.  Yup, forget Orange, BLUSH is the new black. Scroll and click to see our picks…

Long Pendant Necklaces

Belly-button grazing necklaces scared us at first. Who wants to draw attention to that area right? Unless you spend 20 hours a week in the gym that’s one area that most want to hide. Well, friends, the length of this necklace drapes perfectly over the bust, elongates the torso, and adds interest in a delicate way. So, tall or petite this necklace works for anyone.

Longer Blazers

Our grandma’s used to talk about the hemlines of their skirts. We’re talking about the hemlines of of blazers. Long blazers are the way to go this Spring. Mid-thigh that is.  A little over sized. They look great with a skinny pant, with a cropped pant and with the oh-so-coveted staggered hem denim. It’s that change in proportions that makes it feel current.

Staggered Hems

Short in the front, and long in the back,… or long in the front, and short in the back makes staggered hem denim what’s happenin’ now. Or if you want, get em’ long and short all over like the jeans Hallie is wearing here. Either way you choose to do it is fine as long as it’s true to your personal style. ‘Cause you gotta be you!

So, wanna know what Hallie’s wearing?

Blazer/Shirt/Jeans/Necklace (similar)/Sunnies/Shoes



Now we’re wondering, which trends float your boat?? Which ones can you see trying? And which are total no-go’s in your book? Which need more explaining? Let us know in the comments…

Be sure to stop by next week for  – Part 3!!!

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