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Spring Is Coming.

We’ve got Spring on the brain, big time… Ironic, considering we are bracing ourselves for a huge snowstorm! So, as a way of looking on the bright side, we made a SPRING MUST HAVE list, just for you guys. Consider it the cliff notes of what you need to freshen up your wardrobe for the season. We are not talking a total overhaul here, but rather, key pieces that will help you feel current when getting dressed.

Remember that Friday (for you Cleveland gals) a few weeks ago, that it was like 75 degrees outside? It was the most glorious spring day, IN FEBRUARY. Ha! In hindsight, it was like a cruel joke. Well, that day got us thinking. Spring is coming. It’s not here yet (obviously, look outside), but it’s coming soon, and we had a little taste. It must have gotten our clients thinking too, because we’re pretty booked up. (Actually so booked up that we’ve even got our hubbies helping out at home with the laundry and kids. Thanks awesome husbands, you truly are the best.)

The Must Have List – A 3 Part Series.

So, back to the list… THE 10 things you need to freshen up your outfits this spring.  Add 1, add 3, add all 10 – whatever you choose, these are the pieces that’ll add life to your wardrobe – just think of  them as “Viagra” for your clothes.

We’ve been doing some serious Spring shopping for our clients. And we’re finding a lot of awesome options. This job’s like being a kid in a candy store, it can be dangerous. Truth is, we’re following our own advice and have added some of these into our own shopping bags – maybe a few too many, shhhh, don’t tell the hubbies.  But, since we don’t want to overwhelm you with tooooo many choices, we decided to make this post a THREE PART SERIES, so we could really focus on a few KEY pieces each week – make sure to check back (or subscribe to receive these weekly blogs right to your in-box). Next week we’ll be talking long blazers, belly-button grazing necklaces, the color pink/blush,  and staggered hem-lines.

Today we’re kicking off the Spring Must-have list with the first 3 from the list…asymmetric tops, statement earrings, and white shoes. All of these things can update whatcha’ already got in your closet. You’ll be Spring 2017 ready in no time flat. And hey, don’t forget… stay tuned for next week’s Part 2.


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Whatcha’ Need for Spring – Part 1

1. White Shoes

One of the easiest ways to freshen things up is with shoes! And this season it’s all about the white shoe – pick your shape, pick your style but make em white, that ladies, is the key… We’ve picked almost 50 pair to choose from  – so be sure to scroll thru (use the arrow at the right of the photos to see them all)! And, btw, if the photo of the shoe is red, black or tan, don’t worry,  it is available in white. Just double click on the picture to go straight to the retailers site.

2. Asymmetric Tops

Pick a shoulder, any shoulder. One little top, with a peek of shoulder, is all you need to spice up your old bottoms. Cold shoulders and OTS are not “out” but the asymmetric top is the new kid on the block.  Again 30+ tops to drool over, so scroll on thru. And, double click each pic for more details.

3. Statement Earrings

With all this shoulder stuff happening it can be hard to wear a necklace and not have it compete. The answer… a statement earring. And even if you’re wearing a boring old white t-shirt, these earrings help make the outfit. Add a pair and you’re totally on point for Spring 2017. A bunch to look at – scroll and click,  it’s that easy.


Like what Hallie’s wearing in these pics?? Y’all know we like to share, so we’ll tell you where it’s all from…





Top / Jeans / Earrings / Shoes / Bag / Sun Glasses

Now it’s your turn… tell us, what on this list puts a SPRING in your step? Tell us in the comments below…

We’re excited to share Part 2 next week!!!

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  1. This is my favorite post of yours so far! Thanks for the great tips. I would have no idea that white shoes and big statement earrings are in style, but now I feel like I’m in the know! xoxo, Wendy

    • Hallie Abrams Reply

      Thanks Wendy!!! Just wait til next week….then you’ll be waaay in the know. Seriously tho, thank you for reading. xoxo

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