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Every now and then the technology world makes life a little bit easier for us. Well, in this case they’ve helped take the stress out of getting dressed! StyleBook has become my new obsession. So, what is it? StyleBook is basically a virtual wardrobe, it allows you to organize your clothes, style looks, create packing guides, and add outfits to a calendar – all using pieces you already own. Stylebook is extremely user-friendly and available on your iphone or ipad. Here’s the rundown of how to use it and what it does for you!

-Take pictures of items you own i.e. clothing and accessories that you would want to use in outfits (works best if taken on all white background, a white sheet works well)

-The app automatically edits and outlines the pictures, then all you have to do is organize them according to your preferred category (tops, pants, shoes)

-Next you can create complete outfits by using the pieces you’ve uploaded and organized–you can even categorize the looks based on your life roles i.e. work, saturday night, luncheons etc.

-Some great extra features of this app include the packing guide (great to add looks to and helps you avoid over packing), the calendar (add looks you wore or will wear to the calendar to help you remember and not wear the same outfits with the same people, the app will also keep stats for you) and the ability to add inspiration pictures you may come across!

Stylebook is truly revolutionary and one of the best tools to take the stress out of getting dressed (next to hiring me, of course:))))

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Have any of you tried StyleBook? Would you? We want to know!


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