I’ve been watching the Cleveland Indians play their hearts out in the World Series (there’s some serious CLE pride happening in this town, am I right?!?  GOOOOO TRIBE!) and, I’ve been thinking about the fans and the players freezing their tushies off during the first 5 games of this series... While I think the forecast for game 6 is supposed to be in the 60’s, we all know that ain’t gonna last! This is CLEVELAND people!!!

When the mercury drops, I start thinking about sweater weather, and like it or not, it’s OTW (on the way). I’m a big fan of a good, cozy knit – I mean, if you live in the snow belt you kind of HAVE TO be, don’t ya think?. But, all knits are not created equal…  IMHO, the pinnacle of sweater perfection is the ONE AND DONE sweater.

A one and done sweater is just that – put one on, and out you go. There’s no layering necessary, no accessories needed. No muss, no fuss. That’s it and that’s why they’re so fab!  But, what makes a one and done, truly a ONE AND DONZZO? Well, the sweater needs to have SOME kind of interest, so it can stand on its own. A one and done is NOT your basic sweater – it has a special element that gives it some oomph. And, it’s that something special that allows you to say “no thanks” to other accessories and still feel like your outfit is complete. 

So, I figured if my tush is starting to freeze, maybe yours is too, and if I’m trolling the net for sweaters, maybe you want to know what’s caught my eye… Last year I posted about the merits of one and dones, here – but, with this post, I’m linking you to a bunch of different retailers, and what’s even better… All of these sweaters are under $100.  I mean really, who wants to break the bank to stay warm?!? NOT US!!!!!


The 10 best, UNDER $100, ONE AND DONE Sweaters:


  1. This cashmere blend beauty is like a graphic T, but warmer. Isn’t that good!


2.  Move over cold shoulder, the elbow is the new girl in town.




3. Loving the cable and fringe detail.



4. The boxy color block makes this an easy throw on. One and done, out the door.





5. An classic black sweater with a little ruffle that’ll go over really big.



6. Not just pretty in pink. Cozy in pink too.

7. Starlight star bright a cute sweater for tonight.





8. A sweater with stripes can work as a one and done, or even under a blazer or leather jacket.




9. The fray on this sweater is uber current.



10.  Love the scalloped detail on this cozy sweater.






So, as we root, root, root for the home team, we can be thankful we’re not facing the sleet and snow YET, but know we’ll be all ready, warm and stylish when the time comes…


Happy One and Done Sweater shopping you guys!!



In the spirit of full disclosure, I sometimes use affiliate links, which means that when you click links and purchase items, in some, but not all cases, I may receive a nominal (meaning pennies NOT dollars) referral commission. You will NEVER pay more when buying a product through my link.
Plus, when you order through my links (or even just click on them), it helps me see what you all are interested in and therefore be more mindful of you, my readers, when thinking about what to highlight in future blog posts.  Thank you in advance for your support!


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  1. Hi Hallie, I love your blog and all your advice! I wish could wear a one and done sweater. The black one with the lace sleeves may be the only one. When you are shorter with a curvy shape, some of these tend to overwhelm. I appreciate the no wool one because any sweater with fluffy wool on it will make me itch all over. Short gals who love fall fashion? Maybe a suggestion for another post?? BTW I got the “in between” shoes and cropped pants so thank you!

    • Hallie Reply

      Hey Dawn! Thanks for reading and commenting! I LOVE POST SUGGESTIONS!!! Let me work on it:-) You can wear a one and done – look for sweaters that hit at the hip or have a hi-lo hem. There are a lot of great styles out there now – especially since pant waists are getting higher (so the tops are getting more cropped). Yay, great btw… what shoes and pants did you choose?!?

  2. Leslye Rodgers Reply

    Hallie, you do such a fabulous job with your blog. Have a happy thanksgiving 🦃. Love to your whole family❤️

    love, Leslye

    • Hallie Reply

      Thanks so much Leslye! That really means a lot! Happy Thanksgiving to you too! xx

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