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Party Dress Codes Decoded 101

Did you read my last post, Packing for a Summer Trip: Pro Travel Shoe Tips? If so, you’ll remember I mentioned the two times people get most stressed about getting dressed are when it comes to travel and special events. Since we talked about travel the last go-round, let’s address party dress codes this time! 

Weddings are on my mind because I’m in the midst of packing for the wedding of my husband’s boarding school roommate this month. The nuptials are in Nantucket (and a first wedding for both the bride and the groom – at 51 and 49 respectively). I’ve never been to Nantucket (yay, destination weddings!) and am thrilled to celebrate with them (and get away with my man). But, I’m also a little overwhelmed thinking about the multiple festivities, each with very specific dress codes. If I’m feeling discombobulated by this, and I’m a professional dresser, well then, how does a regular jane or joe feel?

I’m Kind of Rusty

I fully admit I’m a little rusty in the wedding department.  This year marks my 25th wedding anniversary – big mazels to us! My husband and I always say that while birthdays are great, for us, anniversaries feel like a bigger accomplishment – because you know, there was some serious effort put into two separate people making a union work year after year. Needless to say, I’m hoping for something kind of sparkly to mark 25 years of making it work. And even if that doesn’t happen, I still feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

In addition to dropping this pretty big public hint to the hubs about the anniversary gift, the other reason I am bringing up the subject of weddings is that it’s been a hell of a long time since I was on the wedding circuit. Definitely a while since I was a bride. And even a bit since I was a guest. And I don’t think I’m alone. So many weddings were postponed due to Covid, and 2021 is making up for lost wedding time. The wedding business is off the rails! People are ready to gather, celebrate, and say I do!

How to Decipher The Party Dress Code Jargon