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It’s a Blog Takeover

You guys, my sister-in law, Jodi asked to guest post while I’m away on spring break…I am going to be in a totally different timezone, so feel free to comment and commiserate. She has my full permission to post this and when she originally showed me I was literally LMFAO!! Read on and let me know if you too dread running into me too… I feel awful about it! Really, when I am off the clock and I run into you I DO NOT JUDGE!! Promise, pinky promise, cross my heart…

Just as a side note, Jodi deserves serious props because she was my very first guinea pig, ahem, I mean client, EVER. In fact, without her insistence (she’s super hard to say no to – hence the blog takeover) I would honestly have never started The Wardrobe Consultant… so, basically we owe it all to Jodi. Love it or hate it, ya gotta thank her…

Jodi Abrams Miller is Hijacking the Blog

Hello TWC blog readers,

While Hallie is out of town, I thought I would take this opportunity to hijack her blog.  I have a burning question that I thought I would take this opportunity to ask – and maybe she won’t see it…

I am dying to know what it is you wear when you know (or hope) you won’t run into Hallie. What are those items you know are out of style but you still love?