The Real Deal About Undergarments

Talking about undergarments isn’t so glamorous, but it’s a conversation that needs to be had. The truth is most women don’t put enough thought into what goes UNDER their clothes. Think about it…it’s sorta like putting a new roof on your house. It’s a necessity not everyone truly gets to appreciate, but the benefits make a HUGE difference in the long run.

Bottom line – Undergarments are essential to making your outfit (and you) look it’s best.

Here’s the harsh truth people –  Your undergarments are the base to every outfit and the most important items you’ll wear Every. Single. Day.  If what’s underneath isn’t properly prepped, what’s on top ain’t gonna be lookin’ fine either. Listen, we’ve all seen our fair share of ladies going commando both on top and down below but it’s usually not the best call, and it’s also super unnecessary when there are so many good options of undergarments to keep on hand. So, don’t scare the neighborhood grocer away in the frozen food depart…cover it all up. Here’s how…

The 13 essential undergarments to keep in your lingerie drawer.


Call it what you want,  brassiere, bra, over the shoulder bolder holder, but no matter what you call it, here’s what to keep in your lingerie drawer. From what we’ve been told by bra specialists, your bra’s should be replaced about every 6 months to a year. The wash and wear stretches them, not allowing for maximum support.  And, may we suggest having at least one in black, white, and nude. 

  1. A tee shirt bra is an essential and probably the most important. Their smooth (sans lace and frill), full, no line cups are perfect under t-shirts, silk, and light sweaters. The Spanx Bra-llelujah!  is hands down our favorite. We both have it and have suggested it to many clients along the way.

ADD TO FAVORITES Spanx Bra-llelujah!

Other great t-shirt bras to try.

2. A racer back bra is ideal for tanks and tops that you want to hide bra straps.Natori Feathers Embroidered T-Back Bra

More racer backs

3. A Strapless Bra. We know strapless bras can be so annoying. Pulling and lifting to keep the girls in place isn’t exactly the most ladylike thing to do when you need to go strapless. The best strapless has a wide back strap for a no slip fit. Look how happy she is in this wide band, no slip strapless.Wacoal - Red Carpet Full-Busted Strapless Bra

More strapless bras


4. A push up bra is always good to keep on hand for the times you need a little lift. Hey, and it’s way cheaper than seeing the plastic surgeon. This “add a size” push up has a comfy fit. Calvin Klein Underwear - Seductive Comfort Add a Size Push-Up Bra (Black) Women's Bra

More push up bras

Nontraditional Bra Alternatives

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention these three bra alternatives. They can really work, however these guys aren’t for everyone. If you’re smaller on top they will work better for you. If you have more bodacious tatas, give them a try before actually leaving the house.

  1.  Hollywood Breast Lift Tape is inexpensive and allows you to go braless, backless, and strapless. Hollywood Breast Lift Tape

2.  We refer to these as headlight dimmers because the silicone cover ups are perfect for dimming the headlights, if you catch our drift.Hollywood Silicone Cover Ups


3.  This sticky bra is kept in place by the adhesive lining in the wings and cups.  Bonus, it can be worn up to 25 times.GO BARE ULTIMATE BOOST BRA


Undies, panties, skivvies, just like bras, what ever you call them here’s what to keep in your lingerie drawer. Same color rules apply, black, white, and nude. 

  1. Thong Undies. For the days you don’t want lines showing, a thong is what you want. If they annoy you (and rightfully so) try this…the Chantelle seamless thong is totally wedgie free. You’ll forget you have them on, and won’t feel the need to pick all day.

Chantelle seamless thong

More thongs

2. A bikini cuts a little higher in the thigh and tush. They are great for sleeping in, and wearing with jeans. This bikini is also seamless like the thong above.Soft Stretch Seamless Bikini

More bikinis

 3. We like a boy brief for under skirts and baggier dresses. They are the perfect amount of coverage and comfort, and this boy brief comes in like 10 different colors. Stripe-waist Shortie Panty - Cotton Lingerie

More boy briefs


A black, white, nude, and navy cami are a great base layer for the more sheer tops that you might have.  They also make a great layering piece in the winter months. There are rules when it comes to tucking in your cami’s. So, it’s an entire blog post on it’s own. (Let us know if you want to read about it.) But for now, having these cami’s in your lingerie drawer will get you started.Yummie SEAMLESSLY SHAPED CONVERTIBLE CAMISOLE

More camis

Shape Wear – for the unforgiving moments

Proud or not, shape wear is a must in every lingerie drawer. Our bet is that even Heidi Klum has to partake in shape wear once in awhile. There’s no shame in it. In fact, it would be more shameful to show lumps and bumps, than it would be to just smooth it out. We know they are totally uncomfortable, but we are women and we can handle all kinds of pain. And really, these aren’t so bad. Spanx Super Shaping Tummy Control Sheers

Other shape wear


Having a slip on hand is like keeping salt in the pantry. You might not use it every day, but you need a pinch every so often. We’ve all been there, wearing the most adorable skirt or dress only to realize after you’ve stepped out the door that you can see straight through it. You can pray that the sun will go down, or run back into the house and throw on a slip. Hum, which do you choose? 

Keep a black and nude slip on hand for the “sheer” joyful moments.Commando Half Slip

Other slips


To Pantyhose or Not To Pantyhose. That is the question… and we have the answers here…

A few months ago, a client sent an urgent text asking if it was ok to wear pantyhose, so Hallie wrote a blog post all about it.  We have all of your pantyhose questions answered here.

This was a long post, but hopefully a useful one… So, ladies lift up your head, and your tatas and make sure you have the undergarments you need in that lingerie drawer.



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  1. What an essential post. I am in my 60s, have lost over 40 pounds and starting over from the inside out. Now I must say a thong is never going to be on my essentials list, but you gave me resources and brand names to see alternatives. Yes, PLEASE do a post on tucking in camis and would you please do one on socks. What to wear socks with if anything, what mini socks you recommend for wearing when not wearing a full sock, what do I wear with a fun tennis shoe? I am new to your website so if you have answered these questions please direct me. I could give you an entire list of things I have questions about, but I will peruse your website first.

    You are adorable and thank you for all you do!

    • Hallie Abrams Reply

      Kathryn, Thank you for reading AND Good For you lady!! 40lbs?!? that is fantastic (and not an easy task – is there an impressed emoji?) There is a whole bunch of rules for camis – a post is in the making. We’ve got you covered. Totally do share some ideas/questions for future posts. It really helps me and, if you have a question, someone else does too.Thanks and have a great day!

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