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We’re not 20 anymore. Although it feels like we are, we just aren’t. Gone are the days where we wore skimpy, skin baring pieces. The thing is, gravity and children have had their way with our bodies, (and faces) so they don’t look 20 anymore. Even if you’re a 40 (or 50 or 60) something with a rock solid bod (bless your heart), no wrinkles, or frown lines, thanks to the help of an injectable, you’re still probably too mature to dress like the 20 something that you once were. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

The 20/40 Rule.

Understand, when we say dressing your age we aren’t talking about dressing like old Bubbies. We’re talking about taking what you once might have worn one way, and turning it into an age appropriate outfit. Let’s call it the 20/40 rule. Just  add 40 percent more, ha!  Add a jacket, switch your shoes, change out your pocket book, and trade up your jewels. It’s really just picking what area to highlight. Really, it’s that easy. Look!

20/40 Shopping.

We hit up Haven in Chagrin Falls, to do a little of this 20/40 shopping.  And boy did we hit the jackpot! They literally have something for everyone. All of the looks that Hallie and Emma (our 20 something) are wearing are straight from Haven’s racks. But, for those of you that aren’t in the 216, we found some copy cats for you, too.

Gold Bar

The Rule In Action.

The Going Out Top

Hallie is our 40 something, (shh…don’t tell) and Emma our 20 something. Same top, two ways!! Emma is showing off her amazing long legs with a high waisted bootie short while Hallie opted for white denim. A bootie short at 40, just isn’t cute.  (Unless maybe you’re going to the beach.) bell-sleeve-top-20-40-rule-700pix

Copy Cat Going Out Tops

The Satin Slip Dress

A 20 something in a cute dress with oxfords is totally adorbs, but a 40 something might just look like a school girl. Keep your oxfords for your pant outfits. Opt for a statement bootie with that cute dress instead, like Hallie’s here. You’ll get tons of other uses out of it, too.



Copy Cat Slip Dresses

The Floral Dress

Floral through the years...Hallie’s floral print dress is sophisticated, and paired with a white blazer is a major win! Emma’s low cut fit and flare, with gladiator sandals, and choker has a cool girl vibe to it!  A major win for the 20 something’s, too.


Copy Cat Floral Dresses

The Jumpsuit

No matter what your age, a jumpsuit is always a rockin’ idea. (Pun intended. Notice the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame over their left shoulders.) Anyway, style the jumpsuit the right way, and you’re sure to be a hit! If you’re in your 40’s add a belt for some waist definition, and maybe a little bomber, too. Leave the lacey bralettes playing peek-a-boo, to the 20 something’s.


Copy Cat Jumpsuits

The Cami

Cami’s are for all ages. Remember, we did a WHOLE post about it? Just add a jacket and a heel for some sophistication, or throw it on with a girlfriend jean and flip flops for an easier more youthful look.



Copy Cat Cami’s

Did we mention that when we grow up we want to look like Emma?!? But seriously you guys, it’s really is easy to dress your age and still look gooood. And even share items with the PYT’s in your life (that way you can amortize the cost of the clothes over multiple people!!)- you just gotta know how to put it together so you don’t look like your trying to be 20 again…

See anything here today that you’re going to try? As always, let us know.

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Photography by Molly Nook



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  1. Love your tips, Hallie! Totally right on about adding a BIT more. Sometimes I feel that people go from looking 20 to looking 80. It’s not that much more to edit and adjust a look to bring up the style and grace of it as we age. Perfect tips! What are your thoughts on how women in their 40’s and above can wear, “On Sundays We Brunch” (or any slogan) t-shirt?

    Glam Karen | Instagram | Facebook | Pintrest

    • Hallie Abrams Reply

      YES! There has to be a transition to age gracefully. No one wants to go from 20-80!!
      Personally, I’m a big fan of a graphic t-shirt and I’m knocking on fifty. Adding a “third” piece, like a blazer or cardigan can help balance the whimsy of the slogan (and also help relax the stuffiness of a blazer – it’s all about balance). Thanks for reading (and commenting Karen!)xx

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