The TOP 3 Jewelry Trends to Add Right Now

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… Accessories are where it’s AT if you want to change up your outfits, freshen up your look and get the most bang for your buck. And for what we’re talking about today, we mean accessories as in jewelry.  Not diamonds are a girl’s best friend kind of jewelry (although, they ARE and they do DO the job well). We’re talking about the more price friendly version. The fun trends in costume jewelry that simply and affordably give new life to your basics. And, bonus, make your outfits feel au currant (aka up-to-date)

Personally and professionally we are big believers in the magic of jewelry and it’s role as the “parsley” of the outfit. We talked about it in depth here. So we won’t go into it, but just know jewelry is your outfit BFF.

This season there are 3 jewelry styles that make any outfit feel fresh and new. If you follow TWC on Instagram you may already know what they are because Hallie has been wearing the heck out of them lately.

1. Big Links

Link jewelry is everywhere. The beauty of it is that the open middle of an enlarged link still lets it feel airy and not too heavy for summertime outfits. You can wear these links on your neck, wrist or even your ears. This is a great trend to pick up at a vintage or resale shop. The piece Hallie is wearing below is a flea market find. It was originally meant as a belt (circa 1969) but is now living happily as a necklace in 2019!


Similar Necklace // Dress // Jacket // Sunglasses

2. Shells

We’re always on the hunt for casual jewelry – pieces that work well for an off duty look but still look finished. Shells are totally in that lane. They have a beachy laid back vibe but when they’re dipped in gold or silver they have a sophisticated finish. Maybe that’s why Hallie’s been wearing this one DAILY!!

Choker // T-Shirt // Blazer

3. Rainbow Brights

Colorful rainbow looks are happening in clothing this season too. But adding it to your outfit in jewelry is an easy way to try it out without a lot of investment. And when you wear them, there is something so happy and warm weather like that happens, it just makes you smile.

Bracelets Left // Bracelets Right

So, do you think you’ll be adding one of these styles to your jewelry repertoire this summer? If so, which one? Truly, we want to know!

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Photo: Molly Nook

Outfit details: Necklace // Top // Jacket


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