It’s Sandal Time!

Summer is here! YAY!! And that means sandal weather is finally here too. Get your pedicures ladies, it’s time for the toes to come out and play.
When it comes to sandals there are a few sandal styles that are uber stylish and versatile too.
Theoretically, I could throw up a zillion sandal styles on you right now because there are so many good ones to choose from.

But I’m gonna get my ADD under control and organize them by category… Really organize by life role – because that’s how we do things for our clients too.

Yes, I could organize them by flat, wedge, heel, etc., but in reality, there are wedges you could wear to work and those that are a no go. So, organizing them by life role, I believe (and hope) will be more practical and helpful.

Casual Sandals

Honestly casual sandals are the ones I wear the most because my work life (styling people) is pretty casual AND because I need my everyday footwear to be uber comfortable (because so much of my time is spent on my feet). Even if you work in a traditional office environment having a great pair of casual sandals is essential to your summer wardrobe – think weekends and off duty.

Work Sandals

What makes a sandal a work sandal? If your office allows open toes (more and more do these days) an appropriate sandal for work would be one that has thicker straps, so less foot is showing. In other words, flipflops are not a work shoe unless you are a lifeguard. And if you don’t work in an office, think of these sandals as church or meeting appropriate footwear.

Going Out Sandal

Going out sandals are the summer version of your going out boot or your pointy toe pump. They take a basic t-shirt and jeans outfit and make it feel special. And they also look great with a sundress for an evening out. Earlier this season we talked about the floss shoe, and it’s a perfect going out sandal. But if they’re not your style, here are some other great options.


Square Toe Sandals are Coming Back

One thing to note about the trends I’m seeing in footwear… especially in sandals. Square toes are baaaack. Yup, the 90’s look is here and I think going to be here for a while. If your toes have been mad at you for the last decade because you’ve been pinching them into itty bitty pointy toe shoes, REJOICE!! And if you’re panicking because you love the look of a pointy toe, don’t worry, they’re still totally in and look fab.


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