One of our awesome followers had a question that I’m sure other readers can relate to. With that we decided to dedicate an entire post to answering her. 
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Here’s one, we’re going on an adult vacation! The biggest decision we have is if we head to the beach or the pool!!! What to pack for 7 nights without bringing the entire closet? Simple, sexy evenings! Any suggestions?
This is a great question! When traveling you don’t want to overpack and pay those luggage fees but you certainly want to be prepared…so how do you determine what stays and what goes? We’ve broken it down for you in 5 steps.
1. Pack by outfit
Packing by outfit will help you pack less. Having an idea ahead of time (whether you actually wear each option or not) will take the stress out of getting dressed. For a 7 night vacation you should have 10 complete outfits using versatile pieces that can serve dual purposes. If you plan to spend most days at the pool and beach bring 2-3 bathing suits to interchange.
2. Build outfits from the shoe up
Shoes tend to weigh the most and take up the most room when packing so it’s important to be mindful of which shoes you’ll bring. 3-4 shoes is perfect for a 7 night Vacation. You’ll need 1 flip flop for the pool or beach, 1 casual chic sandal that can be worn with a cute daytime outfit to shop in or lunch and transition into evening for a great flat option, 1 evening heel or wedge, and a great travel shoe that can possibly double for certain activities (maybe you’re a person that exercises on vaca, if so, a sneaker might be a good option). These shoes are the starting point to building your outfits, make sure they compliment each other.
3. Choose versatile Day to Night pieces
This is key! With warm weather travel the lax feel of your environment can sometimes allow easy day to night transitions. Think about a cute daytime dress with flip flops for the beach or pool, make it evening appropriate with the switch of the shoe and jewelry. SEE EXAMPLE BELOW.
4. Keep activities in mind
It’s important to think about what you’ll be doing on vacation. You don’t have to compromise function for fashion or vice versa. Be mindful of your activities and make sure you have the right outfits head to toe (hat/sunglasses/apparel/shoes) for these. If you plan on going out every night to dressy dinners, then you may want to focus more on outfits that cater to that need. If you will be working out or doing outdoor activities, a comfortable athletic shoe is probably a necessity. Being prepared with the right items will keep your vacation easy breezy.
5. Don’t forget practical travel wear! 
Traveling is part of the process and shouldn’t be left out. I’m a firm believer in JET SET chic but will not compromise my comfort in doing so. TSA can be a hassle so mentally and physically prepare yourself. An easy slip on flat or sneaker is quick to remove/ put on, a comfortable pant (not sweats or pj’s, we’re talking jet set here), a tank or tee and an open or zip cozy sweater or cardigan. Planes are always cold and you’re flying somewhere warm so layers will be your best friend! I’m a huge fan of the travel line ANATOMIE clothing – so much so that I have started representing the line (contact me for more information). It’s extremely comfortable, super chic, lightweight, functional, and made for travel!
Tip: Try on outfits before packing…If you like it and plan on wearing it take a picture! Make sure to include accessories and shoes in photo for reference.
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