Here’s the low down on exactly what you need for a stress free camisole wardrobe! It will help you avoid sifting through the laundry basket to find “that one”

All cami’s are not created equal or worn in the same way.

We recommend having the following:


The Basic Cotton Cami:

Where it all started! Having an abundance of these easy, no hassle tops will go along way. The lifespan of these will differ based on how often you wear them so stocking up is recommended! They’re the ultimate base layer and go under just about everything!

Our Picks: Old Navy/ Gap Body Pure

Colors recommended: White, Black, Cream

The Long Cami:

The extra length is needed for layering under loose flowing tops or sweaters, especially those that hit at the waist. (These work best in microfiber material keeping them from riding up)

Our Pick:  Sanity Private Label

Colors Recommended: Black, White

The Microfiber/ Stretch lycra Cami: In Black, White and Nude

These tend to look nicer, opt for these under a sheer blouse or when laying with nicer sweaters (as the fabric won’t stick to the top layer like cotton).

Our Picks: Shimera brand

Colors Recommended: Black, White, Nude


Great but not essential options:

The V-neck Cami

Ideal for v neck blouses and sweater that need that layer underneath without having the curve of a traditional cami compromise the V in the top.

Our Pick: Old Navy

The Shelf Bra Cami

For those days you wish were “bra optional” this is a great solution for support and comfort.

Our Pick: Express

The Conservative Cami/ Tank

Perfect for modesty, these camisoles hit at the clavicle and are typically made in heavier(not constricting) materials ensuring no translucence

Our Pick: Just tees


TIP: Although they make a plethora of colors, remember that the idea is for your cami to provide coverage.The intent is for it to still be an undergarment, not a focal point. Whether its under an open sweater or cardigan, blouse, or suit jacket, it serves as an anchor to the rest of your outfit. So, avoid camisoles with prints, details, or in colors that don’t exist elsewhere in your wardrobe.


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