Camel Coats for Transitional Weather

I’ve been on a massive search for a camel overcoat. Why may you ask? Well, partly because it’s the perfect transitional coat for fall. It looks great over business attire and then plays nicely off duty too. Dressing up jeans or even sweats just enough to look cohesive and intentional.

It’s a Classic

Also, a camel coat is a timeless classic. And, classics are where it’s at.  I’m working on my Fall 2020 trends list for you all, but it feels weird, to be honest. 2020 is NOT A NORMAL YEAR! So, making predictions about what is in style when life seems so precarious isn’t sitting right in my gut. Instead, I’m looking at what fashion trends I’m seeing and thinking about ways to adapt and create them from what many of us may already have in our closets. So, classics like a camel coat play an integral role.

Of course, I’ll still add shoppable links if you’re inspired or want to add a piece or two. But overall, the lens I’m using for Fall 2020 is:  what subtle changes can be made to existing pieces (either as combinations or by adding one item) to make them feel fresh and new.

What to Wear When it’s 30-65 Degrees

About two years ago, I bought a camel coat, and it’s worn on constant rotation. On a cost per wear basis, it was a great buy and owes me nothing. And I plan to wear the sh*t out of it again this year too. My coat is an unlined robe style (I’m linking it below). So it has the classicness of the camel color, but the actual body design of the coat is somewhat unstructured. For my life, it’s the perfect juxtaposition. 

In July, I worked virtually with a client preparing to move to NYC and was on the hunt for a transitional fall coat. She already owned the super warm Canada Goose parka for the dead of winter. What she needed was a coat to wear when it was 30-65 degrees. 

The Nordstrom Sale Burnt Me

During my preview of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I found the best camel coat EVER for her!! As the sale became more public, unfortunately, I realized I was not the only person who thought this particular coat was fantastic. Every blogger and influencer from NY to LA featured it on their feed, and to me and my clients’ frustration, by the time she had Nordstrom Anniversary Sale access, the aforementioned coat was sold out. Big time bummer!

So, that is the main reason I’ve been on a massive camel coat search because now she can’t get this style out of her mind. And when I keep seeing an item sell out over and over again (yes – there were a few other great coats I sent her that sold out before she pulled the trigger) I know I’m onto something HOT.

The good news is that my frenzy is your gain. While that one Nordstrom coat looked amazeballs (although reviews were mixed from those that purchased it) – I happily found other fabulous camel coats at all different price points.

Why a Camel Coat is Such a Wardrobe Workhorse

  • The color camel makes everything look richer.
  • It truly is the ultimate neutral. Camel looks fabulous with every color in the rainbow. Black, white, red, pink, blue, even neon.
  • A camel coat is a classic that has never gone out of style.
  • Because of this, you can also find camel coats at thrift stores or resale shops.
  • Depending on your size and shape, you can find a camel coat that flatters you. It’s the color that makes the impact. So if double-breasted works for you, GREAT! If a shawl collar is better, GREAT! It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s a camel color.

My Finds

4 Ways to Style a Camel Coat

1. Over Leather pants or a leather jacket.

The classic nature and softness of a camel coat help to elevate leather, which can sometimes feel too edgy.


2. Camel Coat over a hoodie or sweats

The overcoat formalness paired with a sweatshirt hoodie, tones down the coat and dresses up the hoodie. It’s a perfect combo.


3. Dress Up a Camel Coat

The beautiful thing about a camel coat is how it can be dressed up or down. I particularly love it styled in a monochromatic way that highlights the depth of shades.


4. Denim + Camel, a Perfect Combo

In case you couldn’t tell, layering a camel coat is part of the fun. I love to throw mine over a denim jacket.

Oh, and just so you know, an overcoat in camel can serve as your third piece too!

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