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Winter Boots for Fashion and Function.

Ugh, the snow! Or, UGG the snow which makes you think of winter boots, right? Whether you like it or not, it’s here. Don’t let it snow on your fashion parade, though. Just as your winter coat (see the Winter Coat guide) can be both fashionable and functional so can your  boots. Keep your tootsies warm, toasty and dry this winter while you work and play and still be fashionable while you’re doing it.

How to shop for winter boots.

While shopping for your fashionable and functional winter boots, keep a few things in mind. 

  • Look for a rubber sole so slipping and sliding on the ice and slush doesn’t become a trip to the ER.
  • Look for a waterproof boot. There isn’t anything worse than boots that make your socks all wet. Nobody wants socksicles.
  • Look for a boot that is either made with Thinsulate or is shearling lined. These materials truly are made to be built-in heaters. Your feet will thank you.

The winter boots you need.

When meeting with clients there are three types of boots that generally end up on the shopping list. And just like coats, it’s good to have one from each category before going deep with one particular kind of boot. 


The Run Around Boot

  1. A.k.a the SH*T kicker. The boot that you can spend all day doing errands in, both in and outside of the store. 

These UGG boots are an updated version of the old school UGG. The combat boot look makes them really current and good to wear with cropped, flared pants.

the best winter boots by Ugg

An easy to wear, shearling lined boot, that can be rolled over to show a little fur.

best winter boots frye


Love these fur lined, and rubber sole boots.


best winter boots Sam edelman The Wardrobe Consultant


At first glance,  these boots were questionable. But now they’re feeling like a major need/want. Especially because they’re now 50% off! Wear them with skinny jeans and a big cozy sweater.

best winter boots isabel marant The Wardrobe Consultant


A perfect example of fashion and function. Sorel x Chloe.


Sorel Boots For Winter


The Errands and Beyond Boot 

2.   Boots that you can also wear all day, but don’t look like you’ve been running errands in.  In other words, a boot that you can wear to the grocery or to work. 

The rubber sole makes this a great boot, and the color is so pretty, too. Wear it underneath wider leg pants or even skirts and dresses. And the heel is just the right height for errands and beyond.



An over the knee boot is a great addition to your winter wardrobe. With really skinny jeans, or leggings they will be on a constant repeat. Hallie has em’ and wears them to and from the gym, and everywhere in between. And they’re on MAJOR sale right now!




A low, ankle boot that is weatherproof is always a good idea.




Love the rubber block heel of this fur lined boot.


The Dress Boot 


3. The dress up or dress boot. Usually a higher, tighter shaft boot that you can wear with both dresses and skirts. The slouchier version works well with jeans and pants. 


A slouch boot is an instant update to your winter wardrobe. Great for a night out.



With a nicer heel, but still having a rubber sole, these are totally awesome with dresses, skirts, and tights in the winter. It’s Princess Kate’s go to. AND IT’S ON SALE!


More for a winter valet night these warm velvet boots are so pretty. Word to the wise…give them a spray to fully protect them from the elements. FYI, these look fabulous with short dresses and with cropped pants.




Apple bottom jeans, and them boots with the fur….A little pop culture nod to T Pain and almost 70% off – only a few left…



This color can easily be worn as a neutral, and the rubber bottom of this boot will keep you from slipping and sliding. No Valet necessary. It’s on sale and selling fast. Limited sizes available.


Whether you are running around, going to work, or going for a night out on the town any of these boots are great for fashion meeting function. Do you agree with the one from each category rule?  Any you’re going to add to your wardrobe? Which ones? Do tell in the comments below…









Photo : Molly Nook

Outfit details : Boots ON MAJOR SALE  // Jeans ON SALE FOR $69



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