THE COAT, Yes, it is THAT good!

There are coats and there is THE COAT! The coat is an internet sensation that has won over the hearts of fashionable women, living in cold climates everywhere. And even though the weather is so up and down (-10 one day and 50 degrees the next) This coat is it, especially on those super cold days. Think of it as a grown-up version of the beloved and very sought after Cabbage Patch Doll of the 1980’s – – –  everyone wants it. And I must say, for good reason. It even has it’s own Instagram page!!

I was not a super early adopter on this one, some people commented on my FB feed that they have had this coat for a year or more, smart ladies!! I’d seen it on other bloggers I follow and thought it was good looking. And at $130 worth a shot.  I ordered it in November and was so happy I did. Because when winter finally became winter, like serious, -10 degrees, I need a warm coat winter, I was all set!

Don’t cry me a river, I have other coats – long, short, puffer, fur (faux and regular). In fact, if you ask my husband, maybe too many… some are more fashionable and some more functional but as of now, none are more worn than my THE COAT.

THE COAT seemed to fill a void in my outerwear – here’s why:

  • It’s warm without being too bulky
  • It’s sporty enough to wear over exercise clothes (I personally feel like a moron wearing a fur over my ALO leggings)
  • But it’s sleek enough to wear to work or a meeting (my Northface is super old and full length, like a sleeping bag, so it felt a bit too functional, better for watching kids soccer or lacrosse games outdoors)
  • The hood is huge and cozy, and actually stays on.
  • Did I mention it was really warm?
  • It covered my tush but was not overpowering. And there’s a side zip for easy sitting.
  • Best of all it’s from Amazon for $130!!!

The Amazon Coat-The Wardrobe Consultant

Why Am I OK Wearing a coat so many people also have?

Well, I thought about that too. And when I ran into two adorable girls at the grocery store also wearing THE COAT, it gave me pause, but just for like 3.2 seconds. LOL!!! Why? Because it looks good on everyone and somehow it morphs into being your own. And when you add your own special touch with an awesome hat like my favorite cashmere beanie,  it really makes it yours.

And also because keeping the good stuff to myself is the opposite of what The Wardrobe Consultant is about. We’re the girlfriends that share the good finds. We’re not the ones who say “oh I just don’t remember where I got this” Ugh, I hate when people do that!

How to make it all yours:

  • THE COAT comes in 5 colors ( I personally like the green, navy or black – but they’re all good)
  • It fits true to size ( I wear a small and can fit a sweater or blazer under – and for reference, I’m 5’4″ and 120 lbs)
  • I’ll show you how to make it your own with hat, scarf and gloves (that btw you need when it’s f’ing -6 degrees!)




More well-priced jacket options

If you’re on the hunt for a warm winter coat, don’t want THE COAT and also don’t want to drop 1K to stay warm – here are some other great options.

Of course, when we wrote this it was -0 degrees and now, a few days later, it’s in the 50’s, I mean what is happening?? And this funky weather got our clients/readers thinking too because a few asked to do a post on spring coats!! Because today feels like spring, right? Anyway, is a post about spring coats something you guys would like to see too? There are a few out there already (If you follow Hallie on IG stories, you know she fell in love with this one in NYC last weekend) and more will hit the racks in the next few weeks. Let us know if you’d like a post scoping out spring (wishful thinking) coats and we’ll get on it.




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