Spring Wardrobe Refresh – Add Lavender and Yellow

Last week we talked about giving your wardrobe a refresh this spring, without spending a boat load of money.  (Here it is just in case you missed it.) Another easy way to refresh this spring, and make things feel updated is by adding a few key colors. Even if you’re a tried and true neutrals fan, meaning most of your closet is black, white, grey, and tan, adding some pops of color can be fun, and make you feel all springy and stuff. Spring is typically about bright florals which give that “spring is here” feel, and this season is no different – in fact,  the floral dresses available are abundant and fabulous. But, this season, in addition to florals, we’re gravitating towards a few particular colors, and so are the fashion gods. So we are listening…

There are two colors we recommend adding to freshen up your wardrobe this season.  Yellow and Lavender. Adding either color is an easy update whether you choose to add it as an accessory, a dress or as a whole suit.  Both colors are very cool, brighten up a day (and a complexion) and are available in stores right now! 

Mellow Yellow and Lovely Lavender-THE colors to add.

Since you don’t want to walk out of the house looking like rainbow bright, it’s good to know that, both yellow and lavender play nicely with your tried and true neutrals. They’ll both pair back to just about anything you already own making it really easy to update without investing a lot. Initially, you might think we’re crazy and that these colors are hard to mix in, but on the contrary. They are ultra easy to incorporate…


Hey, and a little TWC tip…IF you think you can’t wear yellow, you’re WRONG! Just like there is a shade of red for everyone, there is also a shade of yellow that will work for you too. If you have a warm skin tone, look for yellows that are more gold or mustard. And if you have a cool skin tone, look for yellows that are more lemon or butter. Really, you can wear yellow – you just have to find the right one and then the compliments will be rolling in.

Ways to Wear Lavender.

Other great lavender pieces:

Ways to Wear Yellow.

Tell those haters to buzz off, cause black and yellow can actually look cool.  We promise you won’t look like a bumble bee. 



Other great yellow pieces:

Sprinkle it in.

Wear all these new colors for work, or sprinkle them in for an off duty look, because both colors look great with lighter denim, too. WE LOVE IT. Don’t you? 

The options are endless for everyone including you neutral fans. Will you try one, or both? Let us know. 





Photos: Molly Nook

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