Evening bags. The last puzzle piece.

Evening bags are often a void in our clients wardrobes when we first meet with them.  At one point I wasn’t any different – btw, it’s Elana writing this week.  When I first started working with Hallie, (meaning, as a client “worked” – if you didn’t know I started as a client, you can read about it here.) Anyway, back then,  I didn’t have an evening bag to my name. I would either stuff my pockets with my belongings or call my Mother-In-Law (whom is a very good sharer) in a panic begging to borrow one of hers. Hallie called my void, “a hole in my wardrobe”.  The problem was I would concentrate so much on the perfect outfit for the occasion that I’d forget the last piece to the puzzle, which was the essential evening bag. But, Hallie put a stop to that. She taught me that little bag made a big impact. The puzzle can’t be complete without the last piece, right? 

Don’t lug your tote.

We all have totes that we lug around day in and day out. Or, maybe a large cross body bag that’s not only filled with your own sh*t, but everyone else’s too. But, you don’t want to schlep all of that stuff around on date night. I don’t even want to carry mine for a girls night out, and for sure, I’m not carrying it to a cocktail party. So, why not invest in one, or two, or three evening bags that you’ll have on hand no matter what your evening plans are. 

Size matters.

The best evening bags are the ones that hold your essentials. They should be just big enough to hold your iphone plus, lipstick, mints, tampon, readers, credit card, driver’s license, and maybe car keys if you’re driving. They don’t need to be big like your everyday bag. Remember this little bag makes a big impact.  

The 3 Types of Evening Bags EVERY Girl Needs:

The coolest bags for GNO.


Since you aren’t lugging your tote, and you’re not going on a date, opt for something in between.  A cool cross body or casual bag with a detailed handle will do the trick for a night out with the girls. 

Steal this Madewell bucket bag. Or check out this splurge. Take your pick.


The shape and top handle on this mini bag are so cool. Totally loving the geometric shape.


A white evening bag with really cool detail that really can be worn for GNO or date night, and since it’s a total splurge, you might want to get the most bang for your buck. Or steal this similar bag at a friendlier price.

The coolest bags for Saturday night date night.

On date night you might elevate your look a little more than for GNO.  Maybe wear a little more make up and a brighter shade of lipstick. Therefore step up your evening bag game with one of these cool bags. 

Try going out of your comfort zone with a knit bag with a chain detail strap. We are obsessing over the colors of this splurge. But, if that’s not in the budget try this steal.

Prada knit bag


Hallie says a tortoise hand bag is always a good idea because it goes with everything.  This one is perfection. It’s the right shape, size, and price. It’s in the bag!

Tortoise clutch

We both love the juxtaposition of when casual and dressy meet. This beaded bag is casual enough to wear with jeans, or dressy enough to wear with a dress.

A great romantic looking clutch with a cool wooden handle under $50. How cool is that??


The coolest bags for a special occasion.

Special occasions say sparkle and shine. Try a cool neutral metallic or sparkly bag that goes with just about any dressed up look for your next special occasion. It will be the icing on the cake! 

This metallic clutch is so cool. Wear it with just about any color under the rainbow. The price isn’t bad at under $100, but if you want even more of a steal, try this one. We’re loving the detailed closure. 


Acrylic hand bags like this one are really cool, but are on the pricier side. Just be careful not to drop them. If you don’t trust yourself, try one like this that’s less of an investment, not to mention its awesome pattern.


The metallic blue of this dressed up evening bag is so pretty. We can see it with a navy blue stunner or as a pop of color to an all white outfit.

Nothing says dressed up like Judith Leiber, and this bag is what dressed up dreams are made of. If Judith’s price tags scare you into thinking that you’ll be eating Ramen Noodles for the rest of your life, try one that’s been consigned. A gently worn Judith like this  will save you $$$. 


Have you’ve found a cool evening bag for a night out and the missing piece to your wardrobe puzzle? If you liked this post, would you be interested in something about the 4 types of everyday bags everyone should own. If so, let us know in the comments, and we’ll write about it.




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Photos: Molly Nook

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