Give yourself a cleanse, a closet cleanse.

Looking for an easy way to clean and organize your closet?? Since it’s cold outside, and we’re all in hibernation mode, instead of binge watching the latest and greatest, try a closet cleanse. In simple terms, clean out your stuff and organize your closet. Clean out the stuff that’s worn, dated, or just doesn’t fit anymore. Whatever the case may be, get rid of it.  It’s taking up valuable real estate space in your closet no matter how much or little space you have. 

For a lot of people the thought of cleaning out and organizing your closet can be overwhelming beyond what your sanity can handle. In which case, call us, and we’ll do it for (with) you. But, for those of you willing to take the plunge, here are a few easy steps to get you started. We use these steps when we organize our clients, and in our own closets. They are tried and true. 

Easy Tips to Clean and Organize Your Closet

1. Set aside time.


Seriously, set aside time, it can take a while to do it right. When we meet with clients, a closet analysis/cleanse typically takes about 3 hours! And, if you’re a pack rat it could take even longer. If the thought of spending multi hours freaks you out then set aside an hour at a time. Start with one category at a time. For example; pants, then move to tops, then sweaters, and dresses and end with accessories. 

2. Look em’ over. Try em’ on. Take a Pic.

Look each item over. Decide if it doesn’t fit, if it’s worn out, or dated. From there you can make three piles. One for donation, one for consignment and one that are pieces you’re going to keep. 

Some things to look for…

  • A pair of dated pants, has a low rise, contrast stitching, embellished tush pockets, and is boot-cut. Donate them
  • For tops, sweaters and blazers look for pilling, holes, and/or stains. 
  • For dresses look mostly for fit and spots. Our bodies change. What once used to fit, let’s say that Herve Leger bandage dress, might not since things have shifted with age. Consign it.  There’s some young thing out there that’s looking for one for her upcoming Vegas trip and why not make some cash.

If in doubt, TRY IT ON! Do you feel good in it? Is it comfortable? If you’re unsure if it looks good, take a mirror selfie – photos don’t lie…Or, book an appointment with us, we’re brutally honest (in a kind way) too.

3. Organize, Organize, Organize. 

It’s so helpful to see what you own. Once you’ve given your items the once over put them back into your closet NEATLY displayed.  When you can see what you have it helps you make smarter purchases in the future, and make the most out of what you own. Like we say, shop your closet first.

Here’s your easy “how to organize” cheat sheet…

PANTS : Organize into categories. Jeans from light to dark. Then slacks from light to dark, then skirts from light to dark.

TOPS & JACKETS: Organize first by color and then into sleeve length. Sleeveless, short sleeve,¾ length, and long sleeves all light to dark.

T- Shirts: If you have the hanging space go for it.  But if you don’t, fold them uniformly and according to color then by sleeve length.

SWEATERS: Always FOLD them. When you hang them, they stretch, rub, and pill faster. It ruins the integrity of the sweater. Pretty please with sugar on top, FOLD them. If you don’t have the space to fold them, then fold them over hangers, but not by the shoulders.

DRESSES: Organize light to dark, and by occasion. Hanging your beach cover up next to your ball gown just doesn’t make sense. 

JEWELRY: Jewelry trees aren’t our first choice. You have to take everything off the tree to get to the one piece you want, and sometimes they fall over leaving you with a tangled mess.  Instead, opt for hooks on the wall. This helps to see what you have and makes putting the finishing touches on less stressful. 

SHOES: Show them off. If you have the shelf space organize them by heel height. If you don’t have the shelf space,  clear plastic boxes will become your friend.  Put the shoes inside of the box, label them, and start stacking. Or, take photos and tape it to the outside of the box, so you know what’s hiding.

SCARVES: Find a place for them where they can be seen. Try hanging them on hooks like your jewelry.  A lot of times the space saving scarf hangers don’t allow you to see what you have. If  space is an issue try rolling them and putting them into boxes.

For Organizational Overachievers

If you’re a type “A” regular organization may not be good enough…

For perfect folds try this handy gadget, Hallie uses it and it actually works. We’re totally intrigued by this folding tool, but have not seen it in person yet… The video about the Pliio clothing filing system has us dreaming all kinds of organizational overachiever dreams.

Our client sent over this article about next level closet organization saying it reminded her of us – lol! We take that as a HUGE compliment!

Make a shopping list.

Oh yeah, one more thing…make a list of the items that you are donating or consigning that need to be replaced. Or pieces you need to finish off an outfit. We do this for our clients so when they (or we) go to shop, it’s easy to know what’s needed. It’s like when you go to the grocery store – if you follow a list it’s simpler to stay on track and spend less.

Out with the old and in with the new.

Replace your old stand by LBD  with one that’s more current. We’re loving the fit and flare midi length dresses like this one.Jill Jill Stuart Crepe Midi Dress


If it’s time to replace some of your sweater staples due to wear and tear, try these awesome cardies (the cashmere version of our beloved linen duster – and only $112!) available in other colors. Or these crew neck sweaters also available in plenty of colors. Or try a striped sweater instead of a striped shirt as a next level, non-boring, wardrobe staple.

Halogen Cashmere Duster CardiganWhite + Warren Cashmere crew neck sweater

Equipment Stripe Cashmere Sweater

Has your black blazer seen better days? Time for an update with this velvet bad boy. We’re obsessing over the endless wearable possibilities.Velvet blazer by Frame

Salad dressing spots are enough to make us cry. If your “go to” favorite blouse was found all spotted up, try a new one that’s already spotted up for you. Equipment Leopard print blouse


Swap out your low waist boot-cut trousers for a mid rise ankle length. We love the Devin fit from Ann Taylor and the price is right on point too.Ann Taylor Devin Black Ankle Pant

If you have delicate necklaces that are hopeless for ever becoming untangled, try a new delicate necklace for under $40.

Etsy delicate gold necklace

Snagged scarves happen and it’s a big bummer when it does. Try this chunky knit scarf and this faux fur scarf that will remain snag free.Nordstrom Sole Society Chunky Knit Scarf in Blush

Club Monaco Faux Fur Scarf


Cheers to the easy closet cleanse. Give it a good shot, and if you’re still stuck you know where to find us. We’re happy to do it with you.

ICYMI, and speaking of a good cleanse. Hallie gave herself (and her family) a serious social media cleanse this past month. She explained it all on Instagram and Facebook. Join the conversation and share how you balance technology and family – one things for sure, it ain’t easy.






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