Fringe is BIG. And, fringe is always fun. It adds a playfulness to your outfit but is still uber cool. I was recently with a friend who is deep in to fringe (she happens to be uber cool too!) Many of her outfits incorporate some kind of fringe – some times she even double or tripple fringes, and it still looks awesome!

So, it got me inspired to look for some fringe of my own – While, I think I can only successfully pull off one dose of fringe per outfit, I realized there is a LOT of fantastic fringe out there to choose from.  Here are some of my favorite fringe-tastic pieces.

I’m currently sporting these sandals in red – they’re comfortable and give me that bit of edge as only fringe can do.

The ultimate summertime t-shirt – no need to accessorize, the fringe becomes your jewelry.

You could wear these booties all summer long with a little shirt dress or cropped jeans.

A tribal jacket with fringe too!! My uber cool friend will love it!

A more subtle take on fringe – and it’s on sale! Buy now and be a step ahead when fall comes.

This shirt will be in heavy in my wardrobe rotation this summer – shorts, skirts, jeans, you name it, it’ll up the cool quota of any bottom it’s paired with.

This bag, this summer – end of story.

Have a happy, fringe-y, kind of day!




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