All Dolled Up With Someplace To Go.

This past weekend we were invited to an amazing Cleveland event – the American Heart Association #CLEHeartBall. And you know what? Even though we’ve been off the whole wedding/black tie circuit for a while now, it was actually super fun to get all glammed up and go out on the town – kind of like prom for adults (sans the awkward prom-posal and sneaking alcohol thing).

Dress Code Decoded, Take 2.


Oh what a night it was! Good food, good drink, and most importantly for a good cause!! The evening really pulled at our heartstrings!

Our handsome hubbies escorted us to the American Heart Association Heart and Stroke Ball. It was at the Cleveland Hilton Downtown, which btw, is beautiful! We were seated at the blogger table, so we got to real life bond with some of our favorite local bloggers – who, if you don’t follow, you totally should… Glam Karen (as blond and adorbs in person as she is on our iphone screen), Danielle DeBoe Harper (this interior design authority might be our latest girl-grush), Jen from Why Cle (looked smashing in her RTR gown) and Sylvie-Style (who also did RTR in a lovely peacock inspired print). Yay #CLEBloggers!

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 The Glam Squad

You have the dress, shoes, and accessories (even the ones borrowed from your mom) for your formal event. But, now it’s time for the finishing touches. What ball is complete without the Cinderella like makeover? Ya know, nails, hair, and makeup? Um, NONE. Our husbands, being the kind, sweet souls that they are don’t think we need a stitch of any of the aforementioned. We beg to differ.  So, Hallie turned to the glam squad at Studio MZ, for a truly professional touch. And they delivered! Big time!!

Check out  the behind the scenes pics of the primping processes, and next time you need to get all dolled up ’cause you’ve got someplace to go, give Studio MZ  a whirl. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! And neither will your significant others,  who, of course, love you no matter what.

The Hair

Nick started by drying Hallie’s naturally wavy hair straight. Then he used a method called “the bend” – he took a flat iron and open and closed it quickly as he formed the sections into soft waves (like the letter s).




The Nails

Jamie used a combo of Essie colors for the base – Marshmallow and Waltz, And matched the blue accent to a blue in Hallie’s dress using Opi’s Eurso Euro.




The Makeup

Elena used Jane Iredale makeup and really layered on the primer and foundation so it lasted all night. For the eyes she used plum with an  iridescent finish and lined the eyes in a navy. She finished with a nude lip so it didn’t compete with the eyes…

img_0063img_0120 img_0170

So when Nick, (the hair guru’s) better half, saw the “after” photos, his response was OMG, Hallie looks 20 years younger! I mean who doesn’t want THAT!! And while the compliment is a HUGE exaggeration – the truth is, a little professional help, definitely does wonders! BIG THANK YOU Studio MZ!

Gold Bar

On to Father’s Day…

For The Man Who Puts Up With Your Primping.

Speaking of the man in your life…Father’s Day is just a few days away. Given any thought to the gift? Nope, ok, we’ve got your back.

We’ve got 5 ideas sure to please!

1 Does your man love his morning coffee routine? Try this French Press. He’ll feel like he’s touring Europe every single morning. OOH, LA LA.

2. Does your man get anxiety ridden about stolen and demagnetized credit cards? Here is a fantastic solution under $100 to solve the problem…And it’s available at Kilgore Trout in the CLE. Tell them the TWC girls sent you.

3. Is your man the resident griller? Then, then this grilling set is for him! You gotta’ try it.

4. An off duty pair of sneaks sure to please. And they go with everything from jeans, to shorts, to athletic gear. Both of our husbands lives in them.

5. For the Old School, record playing man in your life…we think this is so cool.  It’s has Bluetooth so it’s old school meets new school..

Gold Bar

And, for those of you that actually read all the way to the bottom…


The dress Hallie decided on wearing (even though she loved the dresses she tried from Lisa Moran) was one she had in her closet (actually from her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah a few years ago). Because, we wanted to practice what we preach…you don’t always need to run out and buy something new when you have an event.

IF you’re curious about what we wore, here’s a peek…

Elana: Dress, shoes, and an add a cup bra for the low cut dress. Because, every low cut dress needs a little cleavage, and a necklace to fill in the space (borrowed from her mom.)

Hallie: dress similar, shoes similar, bag vintage (similar), earrings similar Because the outfit is a few years old, links are for similar items.

Thanks for reading you guys and have a great week! And, Happy Father’s day too!

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  1. Hallie, I love everything you post. Your newest was fabulous. You are your moms daughter & more 💐
    Love, Leslye

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