Our Summer Obsessions.

Meet our list of current obsessions that you’ll obsess over too. And to be completely honest, most of the items on this list were introduced to us by our friends and relatives, cause that’s what good friends do – they share fab finds, right?!? They were obsessing, and now we’re obsessing, too. (We have to give credit where credit is due.)  So, without further ado, our summer’s hot list.

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It’s Prime Time at Amazon. Get OUR favorites delivered directly to you. 

We are completely obsessed with Amazon Prime, are you?? Where else can you decide you need something on Tuesday, and have it at your door on Wednesday? It is immediate gratification in it’s truest sense.   

Did you know this Tuesday (July 11) is the 3rd annual  Amazon Prime Day?  Amazon calls it a “global shopping event, offering more deals than Black Friday, exclusively for Prime members.” But, if you’re not a Prime member, YOU LOSE OUT – and that sucks (not only on prime day but all year when you need those last minute goodies ASAP).

So here’s a link for a FREE Prime Trial  – so you don’t miss out on all the hoopla.

There are lightening deals and special deals that won’t be announced until the day it begins (Tuesday July 11) but here are some of our current Prime available obsessions.

  1. She plays games, orders paper towels, and much more. Who needs Mom when you can have an Alexa.  And she even has a kick-ass speaker.


2. The most inappropriate, hilarious game you will ever play. PSA, this is not for your kids. Adults only, and only for those adults with a strong funny bone.



3. Just in case Cards Against Humanity isn’t your thing, give this family approved game a shot. It’s also hilarious, but good, clean, fun. PSA, if you are a germophobe the mouth guards are dishwasher safe.



4. Prime day is also about big savings on bigger purchases – do you need your morning coffee like we do? Save 34% on this top of the line espresso machine with code PRIMEDELONG

5. Honestly, we didn’t know you could get Jimmy Choo shoes on Amazon?!? But ya can!! And, if they’re prime eligible, you’ll be thanking us:)


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Hallie’s Current Obsessions. 

  1. This gadget truly is life changing! If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I’m addicted to these popsockets. It makes holding on to your phone 1000 times easier (and your pinky doesn’t cramp up) PLUS, it can be personalized with your logo or photos of your dogs or kids…or both! Thanks to the teens in my life for ordering me one, now I’m paying it forward.

2. Always a sucker for a two-fer, this makeup setting spray ALSO delivers SPF50! Win/win…I’m in.

3. One of my gal-pals at our local J Crew turned me on to this sweater last year (btw, it’s NOT from J Crew) and it’s been on constant rotation ever since. I blogged about it a few months ago, but it’s sooo good it deserves a second mention. Also, as a full disclaimer,  multiple TWC clients now call it their own because again, it’s that versatile and flattering on every body. Personally, I like mine hitting at my knees but, if you want it to hit a bit shorter, go for the petite version. Oh, the BIG Nordstrom Anniversary Sale’s starting this week. Look for our blog next week with what to snatch up from the sale.

4. These are the perfect gateway pant for getting addicted to the cropped wide leg pant look (that is incidentally, is here to STAY).  And, if you catch Ann Taylor when they have one of their 40% sales (which they have like all the time) they practically pay for themselves.  They come in petite and tall and in a bunch of colors (although I picked black and olive green) so basically, you have no excuse to not try.

5. I was introduced to this Ohio City gem by my uber cool friend Jackie Wachter.  And, I no joke, may be officially obsessed,  I’ve now eaten at Plum Cafe and Kitchen twice in the last 5 days! They won Cleveland Magazine 2017 best new restaurant and for good reason.  I’m currently dreaming of their Frose (like a frozen Rose slushie for grownups – not too sweet and 100% yum) and scheming how I can get my hubby to go back again tomorrow!


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Elana’s Current Obsessions. 

  1. I hate foundation. You have no idea. It feels like cake on my face.  By 10 am I usually  want to rip my face off. But, a few weeks ago my BF introduced me to this… I swear it’s a bottle filled with magic. If you’re in The CLE visit Jamie at the Nordstrom Armani  counter.  She’ll point you in the right color direction.



2. I’ve been putting this on early morning, and no joke it’s still completely on when I sit down for dinner. I keep forgetting that it’s on until I get a compliment on my lip color.




3. My sister introduced me to this bathing suit. It has an amazing technology that helps it to dry lickety split. So, no more uncomfortable wet tushies. Try a one piece (like me) or this two piece (like my sis.)












4. About 6 years ago Hallie had me buy a pair of flip flops just like this. I live in them during the summer. You’ll see me in them at the pool or  even at the super market. They come in all different skin tones so you can find the perfect match.



I’m loving my ring pouch from Brigade in the CLE. It’s hands free which makes me happy.  And, it’s just the right size to hold all of the essentials including my hubby’s car keys on a Saturday night.


So many things to try from our obsessions list. Which ones are you going to try first? And hey, let us know if you end up at The Plum Cafe and Kitchen, we’ll recommend our favorites for both lunch and dinner. Yep, we’ve been there for both. We mean, SUPER YUM!! Enjoy…


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Photo by Molly Nook


Cleveland-based personal stylist and fashion blogger.


  1. Felicia Roddy Reply

    Jamie ( at Nordstroms ), Armani and I have been buds for quite awhile
    I just bought the make up and a new summer lip color – both are
    awesome ****

    • Hallie Abrams Reply

      Jamie is awesome! And share please – what’s your new summer lip color??

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