Oxblood is the rich and sultry color of the season that even a vegan can appreciate. I am personally CRAZY about this color! It’s extremely versatile and easily can be paired with pieces in your existing wardrobe. If you are a person who loves to wear earth tones, it compliments. Jewel tones? It compliments. All black? It compliments! It’s a subtle pop of color that is sure to keep you ON TREND. The best part is that this not only applies to clothing, but accessories, and cosmetics as well. In the realm of nail polish try OPI’s “Lincoln Park after Dark”. For lipstick Nars offers “Vendages”. Below are each of the How-to-crew’s top oxblood picks of the season. Take the poll and let us know who’s you like best!


Look 1: This is my oxblood pick – a fantastic coat with cool leather sleeves – Living in Cleveland, with not the best weather in the country, my outerwear becomes a major part  of my wardrobe, as I am wearing it ALL the time. I love the idea of mixing up my basic black jackets with a punch of color that is really still rather subtle and not that  punchy.

Look 2: My second oxblood pick is mixing 2 trends – oxblood and the wedge sneaker. I love this shoe!!! Comfortable yet cool – and a great mix of neutrals with the oxblood  accent. I can totally picture wearing these with jeans and a cozy sweater and “dressing” them up with vegan leather pants and a silk top, maybe even a blazer. These stunners take track shoes to new heights…

Look 1: I’m obsessed with the leather trend right now. As if the color of oxblood isn’t rich enough, add a dose of it in a leather pant and it takes it to another level. These are life! I own them in black and let me tell you they are more comfortable than any legging or sweats I own. For some a leather pant may not seem practical so if you’re weary of investing I would opt for a wax denim! They will give you the same look for a fraction of the cost, potentially are more durable, and still super chic!

Look 2: I love incorporating vintage pieces into my wardrobe so my second pick is this awesome cross-body!

Look 1: First pick is Olivia Palermo – she is my fave to style watch – loooove the boots (and bag too) like how she mixed in oxblood with neutral super cool coat!!

Look 2: Second pick is oxblood chords – I actually bought rag and bone just like these – pick them up today from seamstress!!! Great everyday kick around flare pant – and love them paired with textured sweater and crossbody bag- look is so comfy, but put together!!!

Look 1: Number 1 on my list are Ox Blood combats boot! I feel completely naked without my pair of favorite black leather combats boots on my feet at all time but just can’t bring myself to wear them with every outfit. That just wouldn’t work. Im totally considering buying these ox blood suede boots as a trendy fall security blanket to get me out of the black leather boots everyone is used to seeing me in. Might I add the the suede finish is key to me. I’m not sure how I’d feel about a classically finished leather pair. That may be bit too 90’s grunge for me.

Look 2:  Number 2 on my list is this THICK knit ox blood infinity scarf! Would be great to layer over a leather jacket or well fitted pea coat (possibly paired with matching combats boots?!) In my case, it’s a way to break up my usually monochromatic black on black on black color scheme. Using the blood color trend in outerwear is an amazing way to stay on trend every day without buying a million new trendy pieces.

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