Sephora Sale – Now’s the time to Stock up and SAVE

Sephora is having a BIG sale! TRUE FACT – Makeup rarely goes on sale at your local beauty counter. But, this week, NOW THRU MAY 6, at Sephora it does!  Yeah, you might get a freebie from your beauty counter to stack in the back of your drawer. Or, maybe a pretty bag that you end up giving to your kids or grandkids, but do you actually really use the stuff? We vote NO because 9 times out of 10, those are the bags we recommend a client donate when we do a closet cleanse. So now’s the time to take advantage of an actual sale at Sephora. And save on products you’ll use.

How it Works

Here’s how it works. First, go to and sign up for FREE to become a Beauty Insider. Once you sign up for free you are eligible to shop for up to 20% off. Seriously you guys, it isn’t often that you get to buy makeup at a discount. And, just by signing up you’ll receive 10% off with code: HEYINSIDER.  Spend $350 (which is easily done on makeup and other lotions and potions) and you’re elevated to the VIB level.  VIB earns you 15% off your total purchase with code: HEYVIB. And here’s the big one, spend $1000 and elevate yourself to the Rouge Level and receive 20% with code: HEYROUGE. 

We’ve highlighted some of our favorite Sephora products so try some of ours or stock up on your own go to’s but now is the time to stock up and save!





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