It seems like spring may have finally arrived – I hope it decides to stick around! So, anyway, with the nice weather comes OUTDOOR shopping and, in the CLE, one of my favorite places to stroll and shop is Chagrin Falls. For those of you not in my hometown, I’ll fill you in – Chagrin Falls is an adorable, bucolic town that actually has a waterfall and an old fashioned ice cream shoppe. It’s also home to some of my fav clothing boutiques, Sanity, Winds of Change, Haven, Cuffs and Juicy Lucy BUT last week, as I was strolling, I stopped into Hedges. And, yes, this is where I found the MOTHER-LOAD for mom’s day gifts.

This cute little store has the most beautifully curated selection of gifts and jewelry, all different styles and all different price points but all REALLY GOOD!  Every where I turned I kept thinking “I’d loooove to get that for Mother’s Day” and “Ohhh, I have a birthday coming up, I’ll need to drop some hints for someone to get that for me”. Go Hedges Go!

So, with Mother’s Day JUST a couple of weeks away, I thought I’d do ya a favor and make up a list of Mom’s Day Gifts that would be AWESOME to get (and to give). So you can subtly, or not so subtly, pass the info on to the powers that be.

One note – I usually provide links that take you directly to the retailer. But the Hedges site is not set up for e-commerce, bummer, especially because I’m a big supporter of the whole shop local movement! So, if you’re in the area, or plan ahead, call the store 440-247-2344 or stop in to pick up your perfect mother’s day gift. But, if you’re not likely to do that, never fear, I’ve got ya covered. Direct links are provided to websites, so you can purchase the items with confidence.

  1. I love these boho-luxe necklaces – they’re perfect outfit finishers for the warmer months.


2. Hedges has one of the best S’well displays I’ve seen, it’s like a S’well rainbow – an entire wall with possibly every color imaginable! And, BTW if you have not tried these water bottles  yet YOU HAVE TO! They keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours – for realz!



3. This is the ultimate beach bag! It’s been all the rage with the east coast gals for a few years – and now, they’ve made there way here! Made from re-purposed sail boat sails, so they stand up to the surf and sand with ease. And for some local love, Hedges has one with the 44022 zip – fun, right?!?



4. If you follow me on insta (@TheWardrobeConslutant) you might know I am obsessed with these dangle, charm rings. I’ve known about the Alex and Ani bracelet craze but I didn’t know they expanded in to rings.  I got a couple and am stacking them with my wedding bands to add some whimsy – and yes, I’m obsessed!




5. Sydney Evan is the artist that originated the cursive “love” necklace that’s now knocked off all over the place (they say that’s the highest form of flattery, right?) Well, anyway, Hedges carries the originals, as well as a lot of other cute sayings (like dream, hope and mom). These dainty necklaces are perfect for layering. Honestly, I don’t recall if they have these earrings, but I do know one mom, in particular, that would love these… hint, hint!!



If you’re the giver, or the getter, or both this Mother’s Day, I hope it’s a wonderful day for you!

Because Moms really are the BEST!!!


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  1. Marla Weisberg Reply

    Ck. out Nola True in Chagrin Falls. It is my favorite. Price pt. great and so comfy.

    • Hallie Reply

      Another Chagrin Falls gem! Thx for letting us know about that too!

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