Fashion Intervention, or What Not To Wear?

You know that show on TLC, “What Not to Wear”? The one about  fashion intervention, and ambush makeovers. The women being ambushed stand in a 360 mirror describing what they LIKE about their dated, sometimes goofy outfits, while the hostess of the show whom DOESN’T like the outfits makes nasty faces, and comments behind their backs. And after that part is over, the hostess picks up the women’s clothes and dumps them into a huge garbage can. Then, she tells the women that they need an updated wardrobe while handing over a debit card with a chunk of change on it to replace the dated, or goofy threads. (Well, maybe the chunk of change part isn’t so bad.) Here’s the thing, the hostess of this show isn’t being nice for a reason, she’s trying to make a point. Her point in a nutshell ladies…get rid of what sucks.

I’d like to think The Wardrobe Consultant team is the nice version of “What Not To Wear”. Sans the mean faces, and we use kind words instead.

Let Your Inner Cool Shine.

Our job is to help people’s “cool” shine from the inside, out. We help purge the stuff that’s no longer in style or fit well, making outfits from the awesome pieces that are left.  And then, filling in the gaps with a few pieces here and there for an updated, make you feel good from the inside out, look.

What’s In? What’s Out?

Inevitably, people are always wondering what’s “in” and what’s “out”. And while we generally encourage clients to be true to their taste, body, budget, and lifestyle, there are definitely items we come across that have hit their “peak” and can make the wearer look more dated than current. So, today we’re going to talk about the 5 items that we think (in our humble opinions) are dated, out of style, don’t fit well, or just simply put…don’t allow your inner cool to shine outward. I’ve hemmed and hawed over sharing our opinion on this for some time now, not wanting to hurt feelings. But, I recently realized that it’s needed and that anything can be said as long as it’s said in a nice way. So here goes. What’s in? And, what’s out?  What not to wear?  Aaaand, what you can replace it with.

Gold Bar

The 5 items you can donate NOW, with no regret.

1.    Tory Burch logo ballet flats.


If you’re thinking about buying them, hold your horses…Her shoes are $225, and you’re paying to sport her logo all over town for a shoe that hasn’t been updated since its inception. One might argue that it’s become a classic, however, even Gucci’s classic loafer has been given little updates along the way. But for now, back to Tory…The rounded toe is dated, and can also make one look squatty. The goal is legs for days, girls. Instead, opt for a logo-free pointy toe ballet flat. It’ll make you look long, lean, and current. And guess what…you don’t need to spend $225 for them either.   Have em’ (or anything else on the list) and don’t know what to do with em’ now that we’re saying our piece?? Donate them, or consign them. There are lots of local shops that will be happy to take them in. There are still people buying them that aren’t as informed as you are now.

Replace ’em with…A pointy toe flat

2.    Coach Bags with the C’s.



Hum…thinking about how to say this in a nice way. Coach has come a long way and has done some amazing things with their handbags, and clothing, too. If you’re dying for a Coach bag, go for an updated, less logoed piece. A classic leather bag that’ll stand the test of time.

Replace ’em with…A No-Logo Coach

3.    True Religion, Miss Me, or flap pocket jeans


These are often the first to be purged from our new client’s closet. There are numerous reasons why these puppies are on the “out” list. First, the large flappy pockets don’t do your tush any justice. Big tush, little tush, or zero tush at all, you can do better. There are tons of other denim brands out there that cater to each kind of tush. Second, the large flappy pockets fight with the top portion of your outfit making it difficult to pair things together. Next, the bedazzled or contrast stitching of these jeans feels a tad like one should be goin’ down to the local honky-tonk. (And if that’s your thing, you can still opt for better options.) Big butts are in ladies, (Thanks to Kimmy K) but the way to draw attention to them is not with bedazzled or contrast stitching pockets. So, in the words of Sir Mix A Lot, “I like big butts and I cannot lie”, opt for denim with perfect pocket placement rather than all the other stuff.

Replace ’em with…Good Tush Jeans

4.  Sweet Pea Tops


These circa 2001 tops, can and should be replaced with drapey silk tops, and silk t-shirts. The side or tummy ruching of the Sweet Pea Tops can read a little maternity, no matter how thin you are. How embarrassing would it be to be asked by some dumb dude when your due date is?? Ugh, don’t let that happen to you. Replace those tops, or anything like it with silky drapey tops to wear on their own, or under jackets. You’ll look just as “sweet”.

Replace ’em with…Drapey Silk Tops

5.   Low rise, boot cut exercise pants.



Yeah, No! The boot cut bottom doesn’t hide anything. In fact, for some reason, they actually add visual width everywhere. They’re so tight in the thigh and then flare out at the bottom, that proportionately it does nothing for a gal’s figure. Plus, if you’re actually working out in them, and you’re clumsy, like me,  you’ll trip on the pant legs. They just get in the way. (Yes, it’s happened, and it was beyond embarrassing.)  So, try an exercise legging, and then throw on an oversized sweater, and boots on the way out of the gym so you’re super market-ready.

Replace ’em with…An Exercise legging

Well, there you have it. The 5 pieces that are on the “you can do much better” list. So, what are you going to purge, and replace it with? Maybe you have some things on your own list that are in question? Let me know, and I’ll give you my humble opinion, in a nice way.

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