Don’t Be the Old Woman Who Lives in Her Shoes.

So, you like shoes. You have a closet full of them. Unlike your jeans they never disappoint when you’ve eaten too much the night before.  And, like your mother always told you, your shoes make the outfit. They can also break the outfit, or the bank. Which reminds us of the Sex and the City episode when Carrie realizes that after spending 40 thousand dollars on her shoe wardrobe, and has no place to live, that she’ll literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes. Why is it we all love shoes so much? 

What is it about a pair new shoes that make us feel so good? Do they remind us of our childhood, and getting that new pair at the beginning of the school year? Or, is it that little designer label inside that reads something that makes us feel like we’re standing just a little bit taller (even though they might be killing our toes). Either way, we’re with you, and we get it. 

We know that Target brand shoes might cause a visceral reaction to someone who is used to wearing Chanel, and that Chanel might be a stretch financially for those used to the Target brand. It totally makes sense both ways.  So for all of you Target or Chanel loving shoe people, we know some awesome, off the radar shoe brands that can meet you both somewhere in the middle. Shoes you wouldn’t know were $80 or $800, which is what makes them so cool. These shoe brands will give the Chanel girls that “little bit taller” feeling when the compliments roll, and keep the Target gals from being the old woman who lived in her shoes.  

Our 8 best, tried and true, under the radar shoe brands…

1. Raye is a little bit classic with a little bit of edge. If you love Jimmy Choo, these are for you.

You might be thinking, a lavender shoe? What for? Wear it as a neutral. It will go with everything and be the unexpected, rich looking, pop of color you’re looking for.


Check out Raye’s other must haves…FYI there’s a red sock bootie that is a must have for Fall. Get them now, while they’re available and thank us later.

2. Toga Pulla is like Givenchy and Chloe all wrapped up into one kick a** shoe.

At a much lower price point than the Givenchy and Chloe, this Toga Pulla is going to be this Fall’s must have cutout bootie.


See Toga’s other kick a** shoes.

3. Oh Schutz! How should we describe this brand? It’s like Alexandre Birman and Manolo Blahnik had a baby.

Wear this sexy Schutz pump with a dress, or with a wide leg cropped pant – either way it’s a winner, winner!


Want to see more Schutz...click it.



4. Matt Bernson is like meeting your BFF for cocktails on a Friday night. They’re a little funky, with a lot of sophistication, but easy to wear too.

This shoe is just plain old cool!



More Matt? Take a peek. You know you want to.


5. Malone Souliers is on the rise. Take this flat and make it a heel. Either way the brand doesn’t disappoint.

FYI, this flat tends to run a little wide, but no problem if you’re in the Cle. Head over to Charles Shoe Repair, and they’ll take them in while you wait. It’s like Cinderella having the glass slipper fit.

Check out the heels and other styles too. (Oh, and if you’d like to indulge the little girl in your life, they make minis too.)



6. If you’ve been following us for a while you know we have a love affair with Loeffler Randall, shoes. And P.S.A…their handbags ain’t too shabby either.

Grab this hottie at a hot price too.


We don’t mean to mix apples and oranges, but our love for Loeffler doesn’t end at shoes.


7. Aquazzura is our favorite understated, under the radar, comfortable, it girl shoe. And our very own Hallie, can vouch for them.

There’s a reason this shoe is called Sexy Thing. It stands true to the name even with your favorite pair of jeans.


Want more Aquazzura including Hallie’s favorite go to?


8. No.6 is number 1 in our book. Think of them like your favorite Ugg boots growing up.

These shearling clog booties are IT!


Shearling to warm for you, no problem…they have clogs that are uber cool too.


There was an old woman who lived in a shoe…WAIT!!! With our off the radar shoe brands…That won’t be YOU.

Between the two of us we have shoes from all of these brands in our own personal shoe collections, so we can vouch for their comfort, design and cool factor. Do you have an under the radar brand we missed? LET US KNOW in the comments!!! Remember, we love the gals that share the info… Happy shopping you guys.








Photo: Molly Nook


Cleveland-based personal stylist and fashion blogger.


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