Update Your Wardrobe With These 2 Pant Styles.

The next two items up on our “What to get list” are, mom jeans and cinched waist pants. They are back and better than ever. These two bottoms will update the tops that you already own making them feel refreshed and new. By no means does this mean that all of your skinny pants or wide leg cropped pants are out. THEY ARE NOT, but if you are going to add in a few new bottoms, the mom jean, and cinched waist pant is where it’s happening.

The “What to Get List”

Just to recap, or in case you’re new around here. The past two weeks we covered the first 4 items that will easily refresh your outfits this fall/winter. When added (sparingly) to your existing wardrobe they have the power to instantly update your outfit. They are #1 Leopard, #2  Western, #3 Green and #4 Microprint.

This week we’re talking all about pants – the Cinched Waist and the Mom Jean. And we have to keep you in suspense for next week, so Hallie used every ounce of her computer skills (which are slim) to hide #7 & #8 of the list…

The Mom Jean

You might say, “MOM jean” no way. But give us a few to explain, and if you’re still not interested…no problem. Stick to what makes you feel good.

Styling Notes for Mom Jeans:
  1. The wash of this new mom jean has a depth to it. So, the blue has undertones which make them 2018 as opposed to the 1992 version that was more of a solid sky blue.
  2. Pocket placement is way better. The tush pockets have been moved down giving more space between the waist and the top of the pocket. This creates a more apple like bottom (not talking Kimmy K) instead of a saggy tush the 1992 version gave.
  3. If you’re thinking your 20-year-old daughter is wearing them (which they are) and you want no part we get that. But, your 20 something is wearing them in a totally different way, like with a cropped top and sneakers. We’re suggesting that you try them out by tucking in a silk-like blouse with drape and adding a belt. Finish them off with a sock bootie. That’s the age-appropriate way to still rock them.

BTW, we also know the “then” photo is from a 2014 Halloween costume – but that’s exactly why it’s so representative of the negative association of “Mom” jeans. And look at how bad they made even good tushes look.

Cinched Waist Pants


The beauty of the higher rise, cinched waist pant is that it highlights and draws attention to the smallest part of a woman’s figure. The cinched waist literally helps to visually create an hourglass figure,  and who doesn’t want that?? You may see these called paper bag waist as well or even high waist trouser but the key is the belt – and it’s typically a built-in feature.

Styling Notes for Cinch Waist Pants:
  1. If you are shorter waisted and/or larger chested use the 5 finger rule. Make sure there are 5 fingers between the bottom of your bust and the top of the pants. Sometimes that might mean pulling the pants down just below your natural waist.
  2. Remember Z Cavaricci? The bottoms of those were really narrow compared to the waist of the pant. That is what made them so cool back in 1988, but these days you’ll want the bottom of the pant to have a little more kick. See Elana’s yellow pant up top for reference.
  3. ALWAYS tuck a shirt in with a cinched waist pant. If not, there’s no point in wearing them because the cinch is what makes them special.
  4. Again, your daughters will probably wear these with a crop top but you should not. Cute on her, not on you, no matter how rock hard your abs are. A nice tuck in will do just the trick.

So what ya thinking about these new/old pant styles? Are you going to be an early adaptor? Or wait a bit?




Photo: Molly Nook

Outfit details: Elana – Pants // Top // Boots // Bag //  Sunglasses   Hallie – Pants // Top // Necklace // Sunglasses // Shoes // Bag

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