It all comes down to the shoes!!! I can not count how many times I will be working with a client, having found a fantastic (you fill in the blank here, dress, suit, gown… you get the idea) and then we get to the shoes, OY! Inevitably the shoes that are comfortable (usually due to heel height) don’t match the dress, suit, gown etc. AND the shoe that is in the perfect color is not the correct heel height. What’s a girl to do?!?
This is where the geniuses (who says that term needs to be reserved for the folks at the Apple store?) at Neiman Marcus and Manolo Blahnik come in… They have created the Blahnik BB Boutique where the shoes are made to order – that’s right made just for you! You get to pick the color and heel height, and the Manolo factory in Italy will make these babies JUST FOR YOU! Be gone days of dyed to match silk pumps and Hello BB Boutique – Happy days are here!


Cleveland-based personal stylist and fashion blogger.

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