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Yes, I know NEED is a strong word, but that’s kind of how I feel about this new shoe trend! Just like the sock boot of the fall/winter season (that I talked all about here), this shoe is THE piece you want to pair with your cropped pant styles (and skirts and dresses too) this spring. The tightness on the foot, the higher vamp and the block heel are the winning combo that’ll make your outfit shine.

I first saw this shoe last summer, and while it struck me as sort of a granny/school marm/ librarian look – there was still something super cool and lady like about them. Well, I guess the fashion gods agreed because this slip on style is popping up everywhere, and at every price point too.

I’ve heard this called a glove shoe, a heeled ballet flat and a granny shoe – I am honestly not sure of the “official” name, but I AM sure you need this shoe in your spring wardrobe – especially if you’ve been enjoying your glove boots this season. Because what are you gonna wear when the weather FINALLY warms up, huh? And from the limited sizes available in many of these I’d recommend jumpin’ on this band wagon soon!!

These are some that made it to my HOT list…

  1. I just adore the dove gray color of these (but they come in RED too!)


2. The wood heel on this beauty gives it a bit of a clog vibe.





3. While these are practically sold out (only a few sizes left – if it’s your size GRAB ‘EM) they’re the pinnecale of perfectness in this shoe style. I am soooo hoping they’ll re-stock soon:)

MNZ glove shoe


4. This wallet friendly version is almost sold out too! OY! Can you say “Popular?!”

H&M glove shoe


5. I like how these have a lower heel, but the high vamp is what makes them current. They look super comfy too!


So how do you feel about this NO TOE CLEAVAGE trend? Love it? Hate it? Ready to try it?

Well happy spring shoe shopping! Even though it’s supposed to snow tomorrow, I’m ready to get ready for spring… Aren’t you?

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  1. Venice Greel Reply

    I like all 3 styles of shoes! I would wear all of them! 🙂

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