We are totally intrigued by this detox found on the GOOP blog. Usually, when we read about cleanses they are all liquid or juice or of the raw variety and we can’t even imagine being able to survive the 3 days (much less behave like a functioning member of society) with something that intense. BUT this cleanse is calling to us – it seems to incorporate real food (a must for us eaters) and gets the things we have been over indulging in over the holidays (like alcohol, desserts and coffee) out of our diet. The hope is that it will break the craving cycle that we can not seem to control lately.

Have any of you tried a cleanse? Which one? How did you feel after, or more importantly during? We are procrastinating putting this into action… Wish us luck:)


Chai Gingerbread Shake Chai Gingerbread Shake Savory Shake Savory Shake Chickpea Soup Chickpea Soup Balsamic Miso Root Salad Balsamic Miso Root Salad


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