My New Favorite Necklace

In the last 6-12 months I’ve been seeing a new kind of necklace and it’s completely captured my attention. A tennis necklace. It’s basically, a tennis bracelet (aka a strand of diamonds or faux diamonds) but for your neck. It’s not really all that new, but it feels new. Because as with most fashion, what’s old is new again. Or what’s new is a re-invention and new twist put on something that already existed. So too with this new(ish) necklace.

Pearls were the necklace reinvention of 2019. And mind you, the pearl game is still going strong. In fact, this tennis necklace looks fabulous layered with my pearl necklaces. It actually looks great layered with all of my necklaces – that’s probably why I’ve been wearing it non-stop since I bought it last month on my NYC trip.

The Tennis Necklace was on my Shopping List

I went to NYC with a list on my phone of the items I wanted to focus on for a fall refresh – it was a great exercise. Similar to going to the grocery store with a list vs. going hungry, lol! I was able to focus on items I really wanted that I know would help round out my wardrobe. Yes, I did go a little off-script – kind of like if the strawberries look extremely fresh at the store, even if they’re not on your list, it’s worth getting (because nothing is worse than out-of-season fruit that tastes like nothing). And by the way, I’ll be sharing my fall fashions list with all of you in the next few weeks.

Just to further drive home the point of how good this necklace is, when I purchased it and showed it to my sister-in-law, who was in NYC with me, she promptly said, I want one too! And went to the counter to get her own.

Wear the Tennis Necklace Dressy or Casual

The super fun part of this necklace is that it doesn’t feel dressy. You’d think that wearing a strand of diamonds on your neck would make you feel all dolled up, but no. I’m wearing my tennis necklace with my jeans and even my sweats. As well as when I go out. It looks cool layered with other necklaces or on its own – I literally wear it every day.

And, every time I wear it, someone asks where I got it – it’s subtle and still packs a punch – and btw, mine is not real diamonds, it’s crystals – and linked HERE.

A Few Tips for Styling a Tennis Necklace:

  • Look for one that hits just above or below your clavicle (mine is 15 inches, but also comes in 14- inch and 16-inch versions). That way it will layer more easily.
  • Opt for stones that are all the same size. It feels more effortless that way.
  • Layer your tennis necklace with both delicate chains and more statement pieces. I love how it looks with a few large link chains.
  • If you’re not afraid of color, try a rainbow version. They’re quite cool.


There are a bunch of options out there at all different price points  – so here’s a round-up of the best I’ve found.

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