Shoes are such an important part of completing the outfit. The wrong shoe can has the ability to throw off the entire look. Many times I will recommend a certain style of shoe to someone and have found that there is a variation between my ideal example of a certain shoe style and the other persons. This was the impetus to create what I feel is the a balanced cold weather shoe wardrobe – I’ll compile a warm weather version in the spring… The shoes pictured are just an example of the correct silhouette and style to look for, price point and designer are irrelevant. These are classic and versatile options that will be sure to Take the Stress Out Getting Dressed! These 3 shoe options are essential! Everyone needs a classic black pump. To add a novelty option try this same classic silhouette in a subtle color like Oxblood. When looking for the perfect ankle bootie the key point is finding one that actually does show your ankle. That little arc makes all the difference in elongating your leg. The dress boot is the perfect option for dresses or skirts in winter. It helps create a long, streamlined look. Finding the perfect one for you may be a bit of work when considering the shaft height, width, and heel but I assure you will be well worth it in the long run.

A flat bootie is a modern option that is easy to throw on and go. This style of shoe looks best with a cropped pant, rolled denim (to show the ankle), or a dress or skirt with an opaque tight. The riding boot is a great everyday option too. Remember that a legging or slim fit jean will look best tucked in. You don’t want the material from your pants bagging around the boot shaft, not only is it unappealing but also uncomfortable for you! The snow boot is needed as a weather proof option on those blistery, cold winter days.

I personally still wear flats in cold weather depending on the temperature and if there happens to be snow on the ground. A flat is a needed transitional weather shoe (perfect for those times when neither boots or sandals are appropriate) so it will probably be in the warm weather list too. Any of these styles work, its all a matter of preference. A flat is another good way to incorporate a novelty shoe – whether its in an animal print, polka dot, or bold color.

Building a well balanced shoe wardrobe is a process that takes time. Remember Necessity 1st, Novelty 2nd!


Cleveland-based personal stylist and fashion blogger.

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