Transitioning Your Wardrobe – Summer to Fall Edition

It’s the beginning of September. Remember in July we told you Fall would be here before you know it. Ok, so it’s here. We all need some outfits that transition with the weather. The temperature drops 15 degrees and the conundrum of what to wear has hit again. It’s not summer any more, and it isn’t fall yet either. The pool is closed, but the leaves haven’t started to fall. It feels weird to put on a sun dress and sandals, and on the other hand it feels weird to put on a chunky sweater and booties. Ya feeling this? Even WE have spent mornings in the closet searching for the perfect happy medium to throw on.

So, we decided to help ya’ out in taking your favorite summer outfits and turning it into your new favorite transitional weather outfits. We’ve got the how to’s, and the what you’ll need to make your happy medium dressing dreams come true.

1. White jeans after Labor Day, YES, you can…

You don’t have to store your white jeans for the winter.  Yes friends,  they are perfectly fine after Labor Day. Take advantage before the snow and slush hit the ground. Just pair them with the right pieces (like darker colors and close toe shoes or booties) to give them a transitional look rather than one you might wear to a back yard BBQ.

similar sweater// similar coatigan// similar jeans// similar shoes// similar bag// similar sunglasses

2. Medium weight cardigans to throw over your summer dresses are perfect for transitioning.

These cardigans aren’t wintry chunky wool, or summery light linen. They can be a light cashmere, open weave cotton, or light Moreno wool. Remember that Halogen sweater we kept raving about – THIS is when you need it!

similar cardigan// similar slip dress// similar sneakers// similar hat// similar cross body bag

3. Pop a pullover sweater on your favorite summer dress, too.

We love the idea of popping a sweater over a dress. It gives it a whole new life. And, instead of wearing sandals swap em’ out for a pair of booties. (The gal below is wearing a sock with a pump. We’d be A. OK with just a bootie, for the over 20 somethings.)

 similar sweater//similar dress// similar bag// similar sunglasses//a sock bootie 

4. Wear a denim or leather jacket as a layering piece.

Toss them on over sleeveless tops, t-shirts, and dresses. The bulk of the jacket helps keep you warm and stylishly season appropriate.

similar leather jacket// similar sleeveless top// similar jean// similar handbag

similar denim jacket// similar dress/ similar sunglasses/ similar bag// similar shoes

5. A transitional shoe.

A shoe such as a cut out bootie, sneaker, ballet flat, or slip on loafer will take any summer favorites straight into transition mode.

Try your favorite summer jeans with a slip on loafer.

similar loafers with fur or similar without fur//similar jeans// similar top

Give your favorite light weight summer pant a transitional feel with a bootie instead of a sandal.

similar pant// similar sweater// similar bootie

6. Color Play

Make sure to ground your lights and whites with darker earthy tones. Add some sienna, burgundy or grey to your whites and pinks, to be perfectly on point for fall 2017.

Image result for street style white grey camel

similar hat // similar sweater // similar scarf // similar jeans // booties

Image result for street style red and camel

similar top // similar pants // similar shoes

Well there you have it! How to take your favorite summer stuff straight into fall. If we could only just figure out how to take the summer weather into fall too, we’d be golden.  Enjoy your week guys!!




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  1. Girl – I am ALL about white denim – AND all-year-round. I just posted about this topic on my blog (great minds think alike) and shared a few ideas, like you, on how to master it. White denim is crisp and fresh and can totally be stylish all-year-long! Love finding new ways to wear them that fits in with the season!
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    • Hallie Abrams Reply

      I’m heading over to check yours out right now!! xx

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