Vacation Packing 101.

Vacation packing doesn’t have to be tricky. One of us tells a really funny story about going on her honeymoon and packing so much that they needed an extra car just to carry all of her luggage. It was a surprise, so she didn’t actually know if she needed resort wear or ski wear, so she literally packed her entire closet. Funny, but not really funny. The anxiety people get about packing (and overpacking) is not a joke.

In the second season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (a TOTAL must see, btw) Midge was vacation packing and literally had an entire room filled with racks and racks of clothes to pack for her get away. It was quite a site – outrageous yet, somehow totally relatable too. Mrs. Maisel’s approach to packing is how many people pack for a resort vacation, WAY. TOO. MUCH! And the irony is when you’re packing resort wear, you don’t actually need that much.

What do you REALLY need when packing for Vacation?

Good question! And so good that we’ve gotten it from like 10 of you in the past week. Ya’ll must be chasing the sun! (PLEASE TAKE US WITH YOU!!!) So, needless to say, we’ve been on the hunt for good resort friendly pieces for many of our clients. And it’s been a bit of an internet hunt because it seems the stores don’t have a lot to pick from right now. But we’ve been on a mission and our sweat is your gain – we found some AMAZEBALLS pieces and you only need a few to be ready to go on your own beach vacay.

So, don’t pack for a month, because you truly don’t need it and most likely won’t miss it. Besides, most of the time a warm weather vacation only lasts about a week (sadly) anyway. So, here’s what you need…

Vacation Packing Guide: What you need and Why you need it.

Bathingsuits and Coverups

If you’re spending the day around the pool or beach, you’ll need a few bathing suits and a few cover ups, a simple flip flop, and a hat. We always like light gauzy type cover-ups. They pack easily and don’t take up too much space.

Pro tip: Pack at least 2 swimsuits, you always need a dry one!

Lightweight Dresses and Jumpsuits

For a bum around town day, lightweight dresses or jumpsuits that can transition to dinner are perfect. Again, they don’t take up too much space and they cut down on the number of outfits that you need. Dresses and jumpsuits are one and done and easy!

Pro tip: pack a lightweight wrap or dress cardigan to go over your dress or jumpsuit for the chilly night air or the overly ac’d restaurants.

Sandals for the day and for night

For dinner…remember those easy daytime dresses and jumpsuits we talked about before… Switch your shoes and accessories. A block heel sandal and the right accessories can instantly take your daytime dress into nighttime. It’ll cut down on the amount of clothing you need to pack.

Pro tip: only pack 3 pairs of shoes – and plan your outfits from the shoes up. We dish all about how to do it here.

Hat and Sunglasses

Yes, even the most diehard sun worshiper needs a hat and sunnies – They’re your most fashionable, anti-aging friends, we promise! Yes, packing a hat can be a pain in the a** but it’s worth it in the long run.

Pro tip: As for the hat…if, you pack it, pack in it. As in, fill the part that fits on your head with socks and undies. It’ll make the most out of your space.

If shorts are your thing…

If you need shorts for running after the kids, or other daytime casual plans, we like a denim or chino type shorts.

Pro tip: When you’re packing we recommend 3 tops to every bottom that can mix and match.

We hope these vacation packing tips and tricks are helpful. This is the bulk of what you need, but don’t forget about your pajamas, toiletries, and other odds and ends. If you stick to the list, you might even be able to pack in a carry on bag. Really, it’s true. We’ve done it for ourselves and clients too. So, happy packing and have a great resort vacation.



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  1. Please, please include dresses and outfits that petite women can wear.

    • Hallie Abrams Reply

      Heather, The petite struggle is real! Many of these pieces can be worn by an under 5’4″ woman. But we will do a future post on petite fashion. Thanks for the idea!

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