Valentine’s Day is NOT for Flowers and Chocolate.

Valentine’s Day can stress us out.  Most of the time we wait until the last minute to get dinner reservations and then can’t find a place to go because it’s crowed with young lovers. Or we can’t find babysitters, or don’t trust our kids to be home alone (party?!?) and don’t know what gifts to buy for one another either. Does any of this sound familiar? The guys are sweet, and thoughtful and ask what kinds of gifts to shower us with, but we never know what to say. Valentine’s Day is a made up holiday, so an extravagant gift just doesn’t seem right. But it’s nice to both give and receive a little something thoughtful. So we think, and think some more.  We know that we don’t want flowers because they’re over priced and die, and we don’t want chocolate because, you know, we’d eat it all and then not be happy. “WE” means each and every one of us because this is a common Valentine’s Day theme. So what kind of gifts do WE want?

Gift yourself.

Well, “WE” decided on jewelry. Not the expensive, rare gemstone type. Instead, the fun, costume, brassy, beaded, leathery, inexpensive kind that makes us swoon. These are the pieces that finish off an outfit in an effortless, cool girl kind of way. They say you tried, but not too hard…  The kind of jewelry you can wear with your favorite jeans and a t-shirt. The kind that you can buy for yourself without guilt. Leave the carats for your birthday,  and get some of this cool brassy, beaded, leathery stuff. And if you feel so inclined, pick it out,  wrap it up, and sign his name to it. You might even be doing him the favor by taking the guess work out of it.

The Gifts “WE” Want for Valentine’s Day

Try on a necklace.

This necklace walks a fine line between a delicate piece and a statement piece and that’s what makes it so cool.

INK + ALLOY Hathorn Horn Pendant Necklace

Wear this long beaded necklace the way it is here to break a flowy top, or double it to make it short.

Treasure & Bond Stone Drop Station Necklace

Pick a color, any color. We’ve seen these cuties in real life. They always add the right amount of oomph to an outfit. They delicately make a simple statement.

Bead Necklace, Mini Gemstone Bar Necklace, Dainty Bead Necklace, Colorful & Minimal Boho Necklace

A brassy lariat goes a long way in any wardrobe. It’s something that always ends up on all of our clients lists. This one is so cool because you can attach it at where ever you’d like it to hang and with the evil eye detail it’ll keep all the bad guys away.

Rebecca Minkoff Signature Chain Evil Eye Necklace

One of us was gifted by the other one with a similar version of this necklace. It’s been in constant rotation. It can be doubled, or even tripled, and even worn on your wrist. 
Maria Calderara beaded double necklace for a valentines day gift

Antique brass jewelry is our jam! What’s old is new again in your closet.

Poppy Flower Locket for a valentines day gift

The $15 price point makes this brass layered necklace a must try.

Etsy Tribal Brass Beaded Triangles Necklace for a valentines day gift


Have a wrist party.

Not sure how to make a wrist party with a big bangle like this. Mix it with a leather bracelet like this one.

Raw Brass Cuff Bracelet Bangle for a valentines day gift


This looks like a piece you might find at a cool boutique that would come with a hefty price tag. Bonus, this bracelet doesn’t come with the hefty price tag and it’s still just as cool.

INK + ALLOY Set of 2 Beaded Bracelets for a valentines day gift

Yellow is going to be a hot color for spring. Jump on the band wagon early with this leather and beaded bracelet.

Phrae Belle Wood Beaded Jewelry Yellow Torsade Bracelet for a valentines day gift


How about a brassy watch? Or the same one in white?

D1 Milano black and gold watch for a valentines day gift


Give the watch above a friend and add this…and if you’re in the CLE get yours from Haven in Chagrin Falls.


Miansai Women's Thin Screw Cuff Bracelet for a valentines day gift

Fill up your ears.

Casual and cool with a pop of color and they’re literally $10. We call that a no brainier.

Earrings With Turquoise Beads for a valentines day gift

Let’s play a guessing game with this pair. How much do you think they cost? Click it…

Gold Plated Brass Framed Glass for a valentines day gift

And guess how much these are? They might even be less than your morning cocktail from Starbucks. Framed Glass earring for a valentines day gift


You can do no wrong with Isabel Marant, and these earrings are no different.

Isabel Marant earrings for a Valentines day gift

Happy Valentine’s Day you guys. We wish you a day filled with love and laughter. Whether you’re getting jiggy with it or not, love yourself, and indulge just a little. Let us know what you’re going to pick out.





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Photo: Molly Nook

Outfit details: Most items from Haven –  Jacket (similar) // Bracelet // Circle ring // Thumb ring // T Shirt // Jeans



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