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If you didn’t, you might be asking why should I? I mean, who needs another time suck? My kids are barely fed and bathed, or my dog is under walked because of my Facebook addiction – who has time?

And we hear you! We’ve gone down many a social media rabbit hole, barely to come out alive. We’ve all gotta be selective about how and where we spend our time. Buuuut,  some media outlets are a better for sharing certain kinds of info. And, Instagram Stories (a kind of new feature on Instagram) is pretty perfect for the behind the scenes look…

Insta stories let’s us share videos and photos that are more natural and authentic (think unedited and less perfectly curated), behind the scenes peeks at our shopping finds and client styling sessions. With insta stories we are able to bring it to you in “real time”. Like, when we find an unbelievable pair of shoes on sale – we can post it. When we find jeans that look good on 3 clients with 3 different body types, we can post it. And, when we teach a client how to tie a scarf or do a twist and tuck, we can post that too. Pretty cool huh?

We PROMISE, you won’t see videos of our kids recitals or swim meets… it’s fashion and styling only (ok, maybe a good meal, a little beauty or cool venue here and there) but mainly fashion and style, and a lot of fun, in real time. You can respond to the story with a private, direct message and we’ll answer back.

This is what we have in mind…

  • Sneak peek in to client styling sessions (only with their permission of course)
  • Come along on shopping trips – see what we find!
  • Virtual try on – we’ll film what we find and tell you how it fits, both the good and the bad.
  • Unboxing – when we receive boxes from retailers (some on consignment and some we’ve bought) we’ll film and let you see all the goodies – and try them on/style them too.
  • We’ll give you insight as to size, fit, feel – all those things that matter but that are hard to know when looking at a static photo.


Try it out and let us know what you think…

One more important thing,.. Do you know how to check stories? We didn’t… so here’s a quick tutorial.

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Click the profile photo on the TWC home page or on the stories at the top of your feed – that will quickly take you thru the story of the day.

Last week we did an Instagram story when we got a consignment box from Felt Boutique in Chicago

ICYMI (in case you missed it) – Here are the pics that were on our InstaStory but have since disappeared.

Ohhh, goodies from Felt!

Jeans // T-shirt // Brown Bootie // Black Bootie

We weren’t sure about these Veronica Beard jeans – the side stripe can be hard to wear. But these stripes are strategically placed. The denim is stiff enough to hold you in but has some stretch for comfort – honestly, they’re kinda of perfect. BTW, two different shoes is NOT a new style statement – but it does show that both booties work with these jeans (that means more outfit options!!)

Skirt //Sweater // Booties // Jacket // Necklace Vintage (similar)

All these pieces can mix and match to make tons of outfits. This skirt/sweater combo is conservative enough for the office but hip enough to wear out on the town.

Originally we paired this sweater with the side stripe jeans and it was a great casual look. And we paired the skirt with the lips blouse. But, we want to wear items in different ways, not just as one outfit.

Dress – sold out on line (similar) // Pink Sandal old (similar)// Black Sandal old (similar)

This dress also looks good with a blouse underneath, like a jumper. It’s a great way to transition it to colder weather.

Blouse // Shorts // Tights // Booties // Bag

Since Hallie’s knocking on fifty, shorts and booties alone are probably not the best idea. But when we added opaque tights (remember we blogged about them here) and a classic Rag & Bone bootie from a few years ago, it all came together.

Shirt sold out on line (similar) // Pants

Part of behind the scenes means seeing the stuff that doesn’t look great! We usually  post the good ones, because, we’re human, and a little vain. If we’re putting it out there for all to see, we want it to be the best version – but on Stories, we show the good, the bad and the ugly. Like these pants from the side, NO WAY – good from the front, but NOT from other angles, at least on Hallie!

For shopping info on many of these pieces contact Catherine at Felt (773) 772 5000 or

So, what do you think? You up for adding another social media platform into your rotation? Really, check out Stories and let us know what you think…

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