The truth is, it’s far enough into a season that people know, first hand what wardrobe problems are plaguing them – panty lines, tops that show bra straps, pants gaping in the back – you know the sorts of things you never realize in the dressing room but that make an item of clothing unwearable once you have it home. This week I’ve been super busy with clients and each of their “problems” were something that I had heard before (or experienced first hand) and luckily had easy, quick fixes for. So I figured, if they had these dilemmas, maybe you do too, and why not share the wealth???

So here are a few real life problems that came up this week – and, of course, the handy, dandy solutions as well.

Problem: I have panty lines but I hate wearing a thong.  (Oh sister, I hear ya – who wants to be pulling out a wedgie all day long, not me!)

Fix: Cheeksters panties = no line + no personal space violation. I don’t know how it works but it does – somehow where it sits on the “cheeks” avoids VPL (visible panty line) and does not ride up. Hooray!!!


Problem: I want to wear my hair up in a pony but… my hair breaks, I get a ponytail headache, the hairband slips out…

Fix: Grab & Go Pony – Thick woven bands hold hair tight but not too tight – brilliant! And if you’re a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale person you can pick these up with some other goodies – Look out for a post with all of my favorite picks from the sale, coming soon!



Problem: I can’t find the right bra to go with my racer back tops and/or I don’t like how racer back bras fit (you know how sometimes racer-backs make the cups fit weird?!?)

Fix: Bra Converter Clips – clip these puppies on to your regular bra and voila, it’s a racer back! Here’s how to use em’ because people have asked me that as well!! (Lengthen your bra straps. Reach behind your neck and insert bra straps into the Hollywood Hook-Up. Then slide the Hook-Up down to a comfortable level. Or, hook bra around your waist with the back in front. Insert straps into the Hollywood Hook-Up. Rotate bra, then put your arms through the straps.)




Problem: I lost weight (ugh, hate you) and my pants keep falling down and/or my waist is so little (still hate you) that there’s a big gap in the back of my pants. (I can’t personally relate to these problems because I am built like a 14 year old boy, but I’ve had clients that this works wonders for…)

Fix: Invisibelt – Slim, flat plastic belt that keeps your pants up – genius!




Problem: I can’t wear shorts or a skirt, my legs are too pale and pasty. (BTW, I feel like my legs stopped catching a tan once I hit 40 – has anyone else experienced this phenomenon or just me??) Anyway, the problem is real and the fix is needed!

Fix: Tarte Self tanner – this is my personal favorite – it drys quickly, doesn’t have that weird self tanner smell AND gives a subtle and natural glow!



Have you experienced any of these dilemmas? And found any solutions that worked?? If so, PLEASE share in the comments below.

As an aside, I apologize for the technical problems the links have been having the past few weeks – I am hoping they’re fixed – Thank you Sheila Margolis from Fairmount Web Design for helping find the solutions to my dilemma!

Happy Problem Solving folks!

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