Let’s Play 20 questions…

This is the deal – while we’re working with clients to plan their wardrobes and outfits for 2018/19, we are also planning what we’re going to write about for the next 6 months. And we want, actually, we NEED to know what it is you want to hear about.

I created a reader survey – it’s just 20 question – and it would be so incredibly helpful if you could take 5 minutes to answer. It’s embedded below and linked as well – so whatever is easier.

We received a lot of feedback about our recent trends list – that it just wasn’t resonating with you, like AT ALL! And while that was somewhat upsetting (not because you told us, for that we’re grateful) It was upsetting because it means we missed the mark in knowing what you all are looking for here and we need to fix it like ASAP.

So, we need your help, Please!

This is going to sound so cliche, but it’s true. The reason we write this blog is because of YOU! It’s your interaction and your interest that make these silly ideas we have in Hallie’s living room come to life and in turn have meaning. If it wasn’t for you we could just write in our diaries and call it a day. But we don’t – after we write and explain and link we hit publish. Why? Because we want to interact with you!!

And when you comment on a post, or stop us at the grocery store and tell us you tried a new kind of jean or shoe or lipstick, our hearts soar, really it makes our day.

And because of that, we want to be talking/writing about topics that interest you.

So PLEASE, pretty please with sugar on top (and a cherry too) Take 5 minutes to answer these questions.

It’s totally anonymous – so if you like or don’t like something, we really do want to know. Helpful, constructive feedback is what we’re looking for. I mean, don’t be a total b*tch and get all mean girl nasty and cruel. But be honest, even if it might sting.
We want to get an idea of who you are and what you want to get out of it when you read this blog.

Let’s be honest, there are a gazillion blogs out there – so we want to know what makes this one special, different and a place you want to keep coming back to. And at the same time, we want to know what’s not jiving for you – because the bottom line is WE WANT YOU TO BE HERE! We want you to want to read this blog and be a part of the virtual community we’ve created, so we gotta know, FROM YOU, what you’re looking for.

Ok, enough ranting – just a big heartfelt thanks for

A. reading


B. taking the time to fill this out.

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