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If you follow me on Instagram (@TheWardrobeConsultant) or Facebook (HallieAbrams – TheWardrobeConsultant) you might already know this… On Monday, I got to meet Hilz! The “I’m with her” Hilz, as in Hillary Rodham Clinton – possibly, our first Madame President! It was a total last minute thing (btw, HUGE thanks to Marcy Fleisher from TeamFleisher||PR + Communications for the hook up!!) – invitation Sunday night/be there Monday morning at 9am – so, I didn’t really have time to overthink my outfit.

But I mean really, what is one supposed to wear, standing on the tarmac, waiting to meet the future leader of the free world??? Even as someone who does this for a living, I was kinda stumped… This dress code might be more difficult to decipher than Saturday Night Chic or Country Club Casual, but that’s a convo for another time.

I thought a sundress would strike the right balance – not trying too hard to be dressy but also not looking like a schlub, a sundress is a dress after all. And, the fact that they’re nice and breezy in the hotter temps was a plus too. A midi length would let me stand or sit comfortably and not constantly be worried that my dress was exposing too much OR let my legs touch (or possibly stick to) the seat on the shuttle bus, major YUCK!

Soooooo then… what actual dress to wear???? Well, it just so happens that on Friday, the UPS man delivered a dress from, none other than, the All American store TARGET (or Tar-jey if you want to sound fancy). I’d been checking out their latest collaboration with Who, What, Wear and while it was impressive on the screen, sometimes, or even often, clothing that looks great on-line, doesn’t always live up to the hype IRL (in real life).

But, picture me doing my happy dance, because this dress WAS AWESOME IN REAL LIFE too!! And, it was only $34.99!

And here it is… This dress is a mid weight crepe and machine washable, the tie waist gives it a little detail and shape, and did I mention it was only $34.99? I loved wearing it Monday with sandals, but will throw a blouse or tissue turtleneck under it all winter long! This, my friends, is my new go-to piece for fall/winter 2016!

www dress 1

Here are some other outfit details too…

These exact gladiator sandals are from last season and all sold out – but something similar can be found here, here and here.

And, This H necklace seemed totally apropos for a Halz and Hilz meeting… And, as I mentioned in this post it doesn’t skew too young and it comes in all the letters A-Z.


www dress 2


Here’s the dress on an actual model, with good lighting and all that stuff, so you can get a better idea…

www target tie front dress


Really, I’d recommend checking out the latest WWW/Target collab – there are some serious goodies to be had — while I haven’t seen all of them in person, below are the pieces in my shopping cart now – there are a lot, so I’ll have to do some editing down. 

My picks from the Target/WWW collection:

Here’s another easy, breezy dress. IMHO, you can never have too many easy dresses.



An effortless way to get that fashion editor, just throw the blazer over your shoulders look.

www target cape blazer


This is the season of the bomber – and the floral is a nice twist (although it does come in solid black or olive green too)

www target floral bomber


A simple and sweet blouse.

www target tie neck blouse


This long sleeved dress looks fantastic styled with a sweater vest and booties but great on it’s own too.



To get the looser look of this cold shoulder turtleneck (as pictured on the model) I’d recommend sizing up.


www target cold shoulder turtleneck


I ordered this t-shirt when I ordered the dress and it’s also great! Love the sleeve length and how the linen drapes – check out some of my other fave t’s here.


www target striped linen t


Having a wide leg trouser in your closet is classic yet totally current this season – I like how this pair highlights the waist with the sailor buttons – I bet they’ll be super becoming on!


www target sailor pant


This chambray top will have a 52 week rotation in my closet – on it’s own in the summer and under blazers all winter long (the sleevelss-ness allows for the look of a button up with out the bulk – brilliant!)

www target sleeveless chambray


They call this a modern pencil skirt – I call it a fabulous cargo skirt – it stylishly walks the fine line between dressy and casual.


www target mordern pencil skirt


Bell sleeves are everywhere this fall! This style can sometimes add visual girth if not done correctly – but WWW did it RIGHT! The upper sleeve is slim so it gives you shape, and then you have the rockin’ bell.

www target bell sleeve top


The perfect crewneck sweater! This color is completely on trend this season – but if mustard isn’t your thing it comes in 6 more…


www target perfect crew


There are a bunch of blouses I love in this collection – this one especially – the ruffle front, the pintuck – it’s all in the subtle details.


www target cream ruffle front blouse


This top and skirt combo make quite an impact – each on their own and together they’re matchy matchy perfection.



So, here’s the bottom line…

Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, as a woman, it was incredibly amazing to meet Hillary. I was kind of shocked with how taken I was with her. She was warm and engaging and honestly PRETTY! In person she. is. pretty! – she has bright eyes and skin – really the camera does not do her justice. I was surprised she did not have manicured nails and that her hands were very soft, a few people that met her mentioned the softness of her hands, so I’m not the only weirdo. The one thing I feel I can, and should critique however, is that her pants were 1/2 inch too long for the shoes she was wearing (they broke too much in the front). But, she hasn’t hired me as her wardrobe consultant (yet!) other than that, I was sort of awe struck.

Ok, back to the Target clothes – I’ve just spent over an hour clicking on every piece, size, color and review in this collection and I’m feeling REALLY good about it! Even the negative reviews claim the pieces are well made. And, from a visual and wardrobing standpoint, I’d say they hit it out of the park – lot’s of basics (with just a bit of interest like a split cuff here or an uneven hem there) and some cool hero pieces mixed in.

I don’t know about you but, I’m psyched for my next UPS delivery day! Happy Tar-Jey shopping you guys! Make sure to let me know if you try any of these and what you think – I ALWAYS want to know!


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  1. Gloria Abrams Reply

    Loved your blog. So happy you met Hilary and the clothes are great .

  2. Marci Kulberg Reply

    I’m SO jealous!! I saw her in person too and I agree she is pretty in person! You should definitely become her stylist!!

    • Hallie Reply

      I am sooo glad you said that Marci, I feel validated – much more attractive in person! I’ll submit my resume, lol!

  3. Cathy Zweig Reply

    Great blog Hallie! You know your stuff and always have great style!

  4. Lisa Fleisher Reply

    Bought the black basic pants! So glad you met her and it worked out! You looked fab!!!

    • Hallie Reply

      Yay! LMK how they work out!! And thanks for helping the Halz/Hilz meeting take place!

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