Sneakers! We know they’re “in” and we know they’re comfortable, but HOW TO actually wear them and NOT look/feel like you’re going to the gym can be a challenge. Luckily, the rise in popularity of sneakers, or tennis shoes, or trainers (if you’re from England), that we discussed right here back in May, is still going strong. And, after watching the NYFW shows, it’s clear this “trend” will be here for a while. Literally, every designer had sneakers on the runway, with pants, with dresses, with EVERYTHING!

Personally, I am OVER the pain of walking in shoes that look good, but feel like sh*t, are you?  If so, can I hear an AMEN ladies?!?

But here’s the catch, I think a lot of people like the idea of wearing sneakers, but the “how to successfully pull it off” is a whole other thing…

So, I’m going to try and give you the down and dirty on HOW TO make the look work for you. We’ve recently gone through this with a few The Wardrobe Consultant clients as we were helping pack for trips (and OMG, they were going to some ah-maz-ing places like, Dublin, Amsterdam, Aspen, Belgium, Rome – sooo excited for them and a weee bit jealous too – and if you’re reading this ladies, I.Want.Pictures.Please!!!! ) Basically, I figure, if a question comes up with multiple clients then it’s probably something you guys want to know about too, right?

Ok, here’s the simplest, easiest to achieve, way to make sneakers look chic… WAIT FOR IT….   just add a blazer or leather jacket, yep, seriously, that’s it – it’s sneaker dressing 101 in a nutshell. Now, of course, there are subtleties as to fabrics, colors, pant lengths etc, but throwing a blazer on will get you 1/2 way there – and if in doubt, The Wardrobe Consultant crew is at your service to help with the other 1/2!

I found some great street style photos to illustrate AND even included links so you can shop a similar look. So, whether you’re going on a trip, or just want to look effortlessly put together AND walk comfortably all day long, I’ve got you guys covered!

The Looks:

1. The whole black thing works because of the different textures and the longer blazer makes the whole look less “Lulu”.

Black blazer (similar splurge and similar steal)

Black leather leggings (similar splurge and similar steal)

Sneakers (similar )

v-neck top (similar)

bag (similar splurge and similar sort of steal)

MODERN LEGACY fashion blog street style Saint Laurent bag sneakers boyfriend blazer leather leggings all black (1 of 1)

image (via)

2. While mixing navy and black was a faux pas in the past, now it’s very on point.

Navy Blazer (similar splurge and similar major steal)

Grey sweater (similar splurge and similar steal)

Black slacks (similar splurge and similar steal)

Sneakers (similar)

Street Style 2015: Ellen Claesson is wearing a navy blue blazer and black trousers from Zara with a COS grey sweater and Stan Smith sneakers:

image (via)

So are you guys inspired? I sure am!! I’m now definitely packing my sneakers as I head to NYC next week! Stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram (especially my Instagram story) for fab finds from The Big Apple.

Happy Sneakin’ you guys!

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